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User Info: red_car

4 months ago#1
Game 5 - How would you rate this game? - Results (56 votes)
19.64% (11 votes)
33.93% (19 votes)
21.43% (12 votes)
7.14% (4 votes)
5.36% (3 votes)
1.79% (1 votes)
5.36% (3 votes)
Didn't care for it
1.79% (1 votes)
Haven't played it yet
3.57% (2 votes)
Haven't played it and don't want to
0% (0 votes)
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User Info: Skill4Reel

4 months ago#2

It has great controls, level design, and visuals. The online multiplayer races are very fun, but the battle mode is trash.

User Info: Beefbud

4 months ago#3
-1 point for battle mode, otherwise its pretty much the perfect mario kart game
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User Info: Kevin2332

4 months ago#4
battle mode sucked, and the character roster is pretty questionable. why get rid of fan favorites like dry bones, diddy kong, birdo, bowser jr., but they took the time to add in all 8 koopalings? that's stupid, but still the game is nearly flawless in every other capacity, so i gave it a 9

User Info: __starsnostars

4 months ago#5
Honestly I was a little disappointed with it but it was also my most played wii u game by a large margin so the worst I could give it is an 8.
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User Info: lordbowser85

4 months ago#6
By far my most played Wii U game. I've logged soooo many hours in! The graphics are gorgeous, music is top-notch, dlc was awesome, and anti-gravity was cool, plus it added the Koopalings. However, the only flaws is the roster, particularly PGP, Baby Rosalina, and adding more Mario and Peach re-skins. Also, why no Diddy or Dry Bones? Then there's Battle Mode, even if I didn't mind it, it was still lazy. Despite this, it still gets a perfect 10 from me. Easily the best Mario Kart. (or should I say Deluxe?) In fact, I love the game so much, I re-bought it on the Switch, and I still play the Wii U version regularly almost on a daily basis since some friends and family of mine don't have a Switch.
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User Info: Littlefoot

4 months ago#7
One of the best mario Kart games i've ever played. 9/10.

I just wish we'd gotten a proper battle mode and a better character roster. What was the point in Pink Gold Peach for example?
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User Info: TheRushDawg

4 months ago#8
7/10 for me.

It's clearly a well-made game, but I think I am burnt out on Mario Kart at this point. I played the crap out of Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Double Dash and Mario Kart DS. I just couldn't get into 7 or 8.
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User Info: bicboi64

4 months ago#9
gamplay is perfected, lack of stages for battle and overall hurt it
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User Info: The_Ecstatic329

4 months ago#10
I think it could be my favourite Mario Kart game. It's got excellent level design. I enjoy the Wii version but can't get into it as much as #8. The online was really fun, though I do admit the amount of tracks to race on were pretty limited online (Excite Bike arena repeatedly was annoying).

I didn't mind the battle mode either. The amount of vehicles and customization was cool to. It's awesome that all racers can drive in the same vehicle rather than Wii where heavy class has certain vehicles and medium class has certain vehicles.

I'd give it a 9.5/10
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