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User Info: red_car

4 months ago#1
Game 1 - How would you rate this game? - Results (61 votes)
18.03% (11 votes)
27.87% (17 votes)
36.07% (22 votes)
3.28% (2 votes)
1.64% (1 votes)
1.64% (1 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Didn't care for it
3.28% (2 votes)
Haven't played it yet
6.56% (4 votes)
Haven't played it and don't want to
1.64% (1 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Only registered users, only 1 vote per IP

I thought it'd be fun to make a series of polls and see how everyone would rate the games on this system.

User Info: este914

4 months ago#2
red_car posted...
Only registered users, only 1 vote per IP

I thought it'd be fun to make a series of polls and see how everyone would rate the games on this system.

How many were you planning on doing ?
And which games? do you know yet?


User Info: red_car

4 months ago#3
How many were you planning on doing ?

Just taking things one step at a time. One or two polls a day should probably be the max? I'll slow down if the board gets crowded with them.

And which games?

Games that people play on a Wii U.

User Info: StephenYap3

4 months ago#4

One of the more fun games I played on the Wii U even to this day. Multiple playable characters, fun power ups, soundtrack...hoo man, plenty of fun times. I personally liked it more than Super Mario Odyssey, which is also an amazing game.
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User Info: Vycoul

4 months ago#5
8/10 with multiple players.
6/10 single player.
Long live Atlus and NIS.

User Info: Atariboy1982

4 months ago#6
I thought it was almost perfect.

The only criticism I even have are a few tiny technical hiccups in a handful of levels (Doesn't happen often, but in at least one level, there's a lot of bushes and such popping in) and the touch screen and mic implementation on a small number of levels that keeps it from being 100% Pro Controller compatible.

User Info: Skill4Reel

4 months ago#7

I played the game all of the way through with one friend and it was nonstop fun and laughs.

User Info: Agent M

Agent M
4 months ago#8
I'm just playing through it now. One star away from accessing Crown World. I'm thinking about an 8/10.

+ Combines elements of all previous Mario games in a really satisfying way
+ New obstacles or game mechanics from to level to level
+ Lots of bonus content
+ Looks sharp and crisp
+ Good balance of exploration and straight up platforming
+ Mostly avoids tedious objectives
+ Multiple characters

- Time limits
- Characters seem too sluggish and limited in movement
- Run button
- Themed worlds are kind of pointless
- Weak bosses that are repeated too often
- Can be difficult to judge depth at certain angles
- Some levels seem overly simplistic artistically
- auto-scrolling stages forcing you to wait

Super Mario 3D World is a very straightforward but fun game to play. My biggest issue is the time limits combined with slow moving characters seem to discourage you from looking for secrets. Indeed, it's pretty hard to get all the secrets in one shot when you have to take your time to look for hints or details in the stage. If you reach a checkpoint and die, the time gets reset anyways.

There were a number of green coin stars that gave me a lot of trouble simply because I couldn't tell if I was lined up correctly. I would jump and miss them. The ones in Floating Fuzzy Time Mine and Switch Shock Circus were harder for me than the second one in Piranha Creeper Creek After Dark. which took maybe 6-8 tries. I don't think there were shadows to provide a point of reference. And anytime you're looking head-on sideways like a side scroller, it can be hard to tell how close or far away you are.

Also the stamp in 6-1 requires you to do a spin jump on a narrow pipe, and you can't do a spin jump while standing in place, so this gave me more trouble than it really should have.

The level themes are more of a nitpick since it doesn't hurt the gameplay; but at the same time it defeats the anticipation of what the next world will look like since the levels themselves are random and often lean on the side of abstract platforming. However there's some really amazing looking weather effects like the rain, and the textures help a lot.

I didn't understand the Hisstocrat boss at all. Sometimes they would pop up too high to jump onto, and climbing didn't always work either. Other times the plate would break as soon as you stepped onto it, or the next one didn't even have a plate to jump on to. It didn't seem logical. Maybe I just dislike it because it ate up so much time in boss blitz compared to the other boss battles. I couldn't pull off the bounce off their heads with any consistency.

Lastly, I'll mention that despite the large quantity of levels, they are often short and present ideas that only get briefly developed before the stage abruptly ends. It's like a constant barrage of "appetizers".

One of my favourite levels in the game is Peepa's Fog Bog, because it combines snow and ghost themes into one level. The first star in this stage is the very last one I need to get.

Hands on Hall was a great one too.


4 months ago#9
8.5 out of 10

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