I have the choice to get a Wii U or a Switch 4 Xmas.I'm going 4 a Wii U bcuz:

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  3. I have the choice to get a Wii U or a Switch 4 Xmas.I'm going 4 a Wii U bcuz:

User Info: MrCokeacola

4 months ago#41
Nodrog77 posted...
MrCokeacola posted...
I hope Gordon gets black ops 2 so we can play together. <3

I don't do any of the COD games-I suck at them. Perhaps some MK?

sure ;)
I like og Xbox so much I made a youtube about it.

User Info: lordjers

4 months ago#42
I'm on a similar boat as you except I also skipped the GC... so I'm a bit more undecided =/
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User Info: Seacliff217

4 months ago#43
TheRushDawg posted...
You are right that Splatoon 1 was developed around the gamepad and it utilizes the gamepad well. Perhaps I was too harsh when I said it adds nothing to the Splatoon 1 experience. But Splatoon 2 has the full gameplay experience of Splatoon 1 plus so much more WITHOUT the gamepad. So clearly, the gamepad doesn't add much to the core Splatoon experience.

Just going to add that pressing a button for a split-second to understand the match's current situation is arguably faster than having to redirect your entire attention to a separate monitor.

It's not a huge deal, but to say the gamepad's functionality was vital to the gameplay isn't true.

User Info: bicboi64

4 months ago#44
Nodrog77 posted...
bicboi64 posted...
Not a bad choice at all considering WiiU's can be cheap and some of the games can be found for cheap because of price drops or the used market. There are some WiiU exclusives that might not ever get ported but even if they do, they can be enjoyed while the Switch drops in price. Not to mention the majority of Nintendo first party games on the U are well made (Starfox being the exception).

My big thing is, (& recognize that I count Wii & Wii U games together) the Wii U has SupMario Galaxy, SMG 2, 3D World....boom... 3 Mario platformers right off the bat. It's gonna be at least a year before the Switch has 2. & I Love 3D Platformers, especially w/ Mario. That's the biggest draw. Then there are games like Toad's Treasure Tracker's(may never b on Switch because of the use of the gamepad), Yoshi's Wolly World(still a home console exclusive) & Bayonetta 2, still Wii U exclusive regardless of what the future holds. Just a few good examples of why I want a Wii U. 🙂

Rayman Legends on the WiiU was great as well and Tropical Freeze. If you're into side scrolling games that have platforming with a bit of RPG Child of LIght is there.

I'm excited for you lol, there are so many games right now for any new WiiU owner. I'd be overwhelmed (still am lol, too many games to play)
Too many games, not enough time
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  3. I have the choice to get a Wii U or a Switch 4 Xmas.I'm going 4 a Wii U bcuz:

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