This system is way better than Switch.

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User Info: shotgunheadshot

3 months ago#1
Switch is stupid handheld garbage. Who has time for handheld crap? I really don’t understand why people are all over the Switch. It should be the other way around. The WiiU is a true home console I thought thats what people wanted Nintendo to do after the after the Wii. Nintendo made the WiiU but people bashed it, how odd. It is what it is though.

User Info: MDS2005

3 months ago#2
The fact that the Switch will have an online paywall and the Wii U has online that never did and never will automatically makes the Wii U better.
...or whatever.

User Info: crs1989

3 months ago#3
Unfortunately for the Switch, when you try to be both a handheld and a console you end up doing neither particularly well.

User Info: Billysan

3 months ago#4
Unlike the Wii U the Switch knows what it is.

The Wii U tried to downplay it's graphical weakness with a crappy gimmick that wasn't fun.

The Switch is a console that happens to also be a powerful portable that people which surprise a lot of people like.

The best thing about Wii U was it's software.

crs1989 posted...
Unfortunately for the Switch, when you try to be both a handheld and a console you end up doing neither particularly well.

Switch is a solid handheld you can laugh at the battery life but it's life is on par with most modern devices in this age and most places are designed for accessible recharge spots for people's phones.

User Info: doutforharambe

3 months ago#5
Nah bro the switch is pretty solid. The wii u felt like a beta for the switch.

User Info: Number090684

3 months ago#6
While I like my Switch, I feel it is a bit overrated and still not worth the full $300 MSRP price despite Nintendo putting out some really great games this year. The Switch has a few advantages over the Wii U, but right now, and even on release the Wii U had more significant ones over the Switch....

The Wii U has backwards compatiblity with Wii software and peripherals, you can freely copy and backup your save data, free online multiplayer, you can send messages and invites WITHOUT needing a damn external smart phone app, a web browser / video player, the gamepad has a camera and there was Miiverse(Which while it was a mixed bag, it was a interesting concept).

The only exclusive things justifying my Switch purchase are Fire Emblem Warriors and Super Mario Odyssey, and they aren't exactly original, groundbreaking games(Odyssey was fun while it lasted, but is flawed in numerous ways and definitely NOT near 10/10 material.)

Nintendo really needs to stop half assing, being anticonsumer and get their s*** in gear and get some some basic functionalities like copying / backing up game saves, a web browser / video player, and a messaging and invite system going on the Switch, because this is incredibly embarrassing and it's hard to justify this garbage.

If Nintendo didn't have such fun, definitive, iconic IPs I would have completely abandoned them decades ago.
US PS4 PSN: Number090684

User Info: Skill4Reel

3 months ago#7
What a person thinks about the Switch hardware really all depends on if they are impressed with it's fully portable capabilities. I was never one of those people that was wishing that I could take my Wii U gamepad everywhere that I go, so the Switch being portable is not impressive to me at all. Yeah. It is nice that the option to do so is there, but if I owned a Switch I would almost always use it docked as a home console, and that is where the problem is.

As a home console the Switch offers less features than the Wii U since the second screen functionality (something that I find way more useful than a portable console) is no longer an option on the Switch. This is the main reason why I continue to play my Wii U, and still do not own a Switch.

User Info: Rockies

3 months ago#8
The lack of a web browser and other apps is almost inexcusable, but I really didn't use them that much. Is it really a big deal anyway? At this point everyone has like five devices that can provide those services. Also, they added Hulu recently so I assume more apps are coming. I imagine Nintendo was satisfied with where they were at with the Switch hardware, and with the Wii U being a failure, no need to push its release out just to launch with a bunch of apps that can be added later. If people were interested in Switches for Netflix and not for BotW and Mario Odyssey, they're doing it wrong.

Being portable is nice. It seems like it's only the people who don't have a Switch that knock it, as I've seen tons of Switch owners saying that they use it undocked more than they would have thought. Even in your own home it's nice, what if you live with somebody who wants to use the TV? You can continue playing, but unlike with the Wii U you don't have to be tethered to the room with the TV.

User Info: OgesMC

3 months ago#9
wii u is awesome and switch is awesome (100% docked for me). I mean, its all about the games and the wii u brought us hd nintendo and the switch is slowly bringing more fun games. Sure theres only a handful of real games on it now but more are on the way.

Internet is such full of hate, I miss when people just played games for fun instead of nitpicking every little detail of games and systems.
RIP Ultimate Warrior (1959-2014), a pure embodiment of intensity and raw power.
"The power of The Warrior will always prevail." - Ultimate Warrior

User Info: Rockies

3 months ago#10
OgesMC posted...
I miss when people just played games for fun instead of nitpicking every little detail of games and systems.

Preach it brother
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