Top 10 Wii U games of all time

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User Info: CaptainWario

3 months ago#11
1 Star fox zero
2 Wonderful101
3 Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
4 Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
5 Mario Kart 8
6 Xenoblade Chronicles X
7 Project Zero
8 Pikmin 3
9 Super Mario 3D World
10 Super Mario maker

User Info: Cubby

3 months ago#12
10. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

9. Batman Arkham City

8. Batman: Arkham Origins

7. Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag


5. New Super Mario Bros. U/Super Luigi U

4. Lego Batman 3

3. Lego Jurassic World

2. Xenoblade X Chronicles

When you get called a Pony, Xbot, and Nintendrone in a single day. Your a true gamer.

User Info: toswubber

3 months ago#13
Here's my list:

1) Hyrule Warriors - Addictive gameplay that features many of my favorite characters from one of my favorite series!! The only complaint is that this wasn't the definitive version. And where were my amiibos Nintendo!?
2) Lego City Undercover - When I first heard of this, I wasn't expecting much. However, what a great game! The humor was spot on and the gameplay was varied enough to stay fresh. The world was quite fun to explore and the way it dipped into old-school lego was a nice touch.
3) Zelda: BotW - A good game but in my opinion a little too big for its own good. The enemy variety was lacking and much of the world felt rather bland and boring with very little to do. I'm so glad a Zelda game finally got towns right! Exploration (aided by climbing) was better than Xenoblade X even if the prize for doing so was less rewarding.
4) Nintendoland - Still my go-to game for multiplayer. Some of the best thought out multiplayer games. Single player is ok but a bit lacking..
5) Super Smash Bros - How do you make Smash better? Add even more characters! With additions like Little Mac and Duck Hunt Dog, this is the best Smash yet. My only complaint is that the level designs feel a little lacking. I think the 3DS/WiiU split really hurt the game..
6) Xenoblade X - the sci-fi / character-creation approach really made the game feel fresh. The world was enthralling, many beautiful areas to explore. It was hurt by a poor story, too many characters (none of them very interesting) and weak combat AI. Still quite fun if you're looking for a good RPG!
7) Mario kart 8 - It's Mario Kart, just prettier! The anti-gravity mechanic was visually neat but wasn't really game changing as I felt it originally was suggested.
8) Splatoon - I've only played the "test fire" but oh boy was the gameplay addictive!! Why don't I own this title? Because I am not big on online-only games. One day I do hope to play the single-player. Still wish this had local-multiplayer (with bots?)
9) Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze - The game was great but I do think it was just too soon. Still the beautiful music and excellent level design make this a title worth playing.
10) Tokyo Mirage Sessions - I haven't gotten too far into this this could go higher or drop off completely. But the designs of the characters, the unique background (music industry) of the game, the enjoyable combat and the dare to be different made it get a spot on this list.

Other thoughts: I couldn't get into Bayonetta or Wonderful 101, I need to give them another chance at some point. I haven't played enough of Yoshi. I liked but didn't love WWHD, Super Mario 3d world, NSMBU, game and wario, and Mario Maker. I didn't play much Captain Toad but watched someone play it and it didn't appeal to me. I still need to get Fatal Frame 5.
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