What was the biggest disappointment of the Wii U for you?

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User Info: Bass_X0

6 months ago#1
That the Virtual Console still had many games missing from the Wii eshop. No Sega or NeoGeo support at all!
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User Info: nonexistinghero

6 months ago#2
Definitely the VC. Though the Switch seems to beat this by a landslide when it comes to that. Wii had great VC, Wii U had decent.. but they went in it all wrong. The quality of the emulation is worse than the Wii and you had to rebuy everything again. Nintendo should've just made the entire VC library transferable (and no, using the Wii stuff on the Wii U does not count). As for the Switch... they threw it all away once more and there's barely any effort put into it. I have no doubt that Switch will stay a complete failure in terms of VC.
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User Info: crs1989

6 months ago#3
Third party support. I would have liked to not need an Xbox to play the big name titles, but I did. Unfortunately they are doing the same thing with Switch. They are trying to get the big multiplat games but the worse version is on the Nintendo console.
I’m not talking about the remastered games.

User Info: Littlefoot

6 months ago#4
The barebones VC. Coming from the Wii it was a letdown. Less selection of titles (third party games is understandable, not so much when it comes to Nintendo’s own games), noticeable input lag and worse colors and N64 and NES games.

Also, the way the VC discounts worked was rather disappointing. It would have been great if Nintendo had updated the Wii Shop to let players link their shop accoun to a NNID, so that people who still wanted to keep their Wiis alongside their Us could get acces to the discounts. But nope.
Rest in peace, beloved Wii Shop Channel.

User Info: Cubby

6 months ago#5
Third Party Support.

I think I could have lived without big third party support for the most part, if the U got the same support the Switch is getting with smaller Japanese titles, or more unique titles, but as it stands I had to get a XBOX for big time titles, and a PS4 for the little Japanese stuff, that now at least the Switch is getting. (Well I guess, I could have just gotten the PS4, but at the time the XBOX ONE had more games I wanted overall.)
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User Info: Skill4Reel

6 months ago#6
crs1989 posted...
Third party support.

Yep. The developers with the vision and the games to utilize the hardware in ways that would have made owning this console shine mostly all sat back and played it safe.


Edit: So in 2011 when I was becoming excited for this console looking forward to playing this with the Wii U gamepad in front of my TV with voice chat and possibly text chat on the screen that was more than possible. Which could have made the Wii U version of GRO similar in features to PC in this area. A huge step forward for console gaming. Ubisoft kills the project and settles for ports of games mainly designed for other platforms that were already finished.

User Info: CyberHaunky

6 months ago#7
As odd as it may sound, I was severely disappointed that the Wii backwards compatibility was always its own separate thing. I kept expecting them to make an update where the Wii was integrated with the Wii U seamlessly and you could just put a disk in and play, as opposed to cycle through all those little menus.

It was never a huge deal, but or me it just sorta proved that Nintendo had given up on the Wii U and wasn't willing to do even the most basic things for the system.

User Info: Agenhym

6 months ago#8
Dragon quest 10 not coming to English speaking regions. Hopefully we'll get the switch version at some point...
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User Info: ArcFan10000

6 months ago#9
Third Party Support.
Imagine playing Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls on Wii U.
Theres alot of Playstation 3 games that could've played on Wii U.
Had it sold better i guarentee you the Switch would have never been made!
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User Info: perfectlydark1

6 months ago#10
Nintendo themselves never seemed to know what to do with a second screen, not enough to truly justify its existence beyond off screen play. This was my main disappointment with the Wii U.
I mean, Ubisoft integrated the gamepad with Zombie U and Rayman, I never really got what Nintendo's intention was with it.


I forgot- I was really disappointed when Yooka-Laylee was cancelled for WiiU too
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