Does the Wii U have the best good games ratio?

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User Info: sjsiefert

3 months ago#1
My wife picked up the Wii U for my birthday earlier this year, and I picked up most games I care about.

What I found interesting is that it seems like a large majority of games are good relative to bad games. I’m guessing maybe a third to a half of the library is quality. Is there any other system that has such a ratio?

User Info: crs1989

3 months ago#2
I've been very pleased with my Wii U in the years that I've had it. I don't have any games that I dislike and I own more than 20 games.

User Info: este914

3 months ago#3
Its better on this system then it is on the Wii for sure


User Info: Yeto_Reacher

3 months ago#4
sjsiefert posted...
Is there any other system that has such a ratio?

Because the library is so small but a lot are quality games...probably not.
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User Info: Littlefoot

3 months ago#5
The only other console i can think of having such many gems in it’s library is the Gamecube. It’s still not as noteable as the U since it had more third-party support (if still lacking compared to it’s competitors at the time).
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User Info: NES_Gamer1988

3 months ago#6
well talking strictly physical games there are only 163 games so its pretty small. Unlike Wii there aren't a ton of shovelware mini-game collections, its mostly random the stuff that is ported. I would put 3 series as the bulk of the casual games. it has 8 games from the just dance series. plus it has 9 games from the "Lego" series, plus it has a bunch of the games with figures (skylanders/ disney infity) It has very few sports games. (no dedicated baseball game on the system for example and only a single Madden, NBA, and Fifa) most of the games are simply average or below average ports of games on other platforms. the games that are ported over are meh, could be better, could be worse. The exclusives can be hit or miss on how great they are.

User Info: Cubby

3 months ago#7
Well, to be fair, once you get past something like The Atari Lynx, Virtual Boy, etc. it had the smallest library of a major console ever. Even Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast had bigger libraries of games. So yeah, it sure does look like it has the best ratio of good/great games compared to other systems.
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User Info: ArcFan10000

3 months ago#8
The Wii U library surpasses the Gamecube by far, but doesnt come close to Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo in library or game variety.

Remember the Wii U brought back the Gamecube controller support.
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User Info: jimi_dini

3 months ago#9

Just a handful 3rd party games even some of those are pretty great like Zombi U. If you are an old school gamer liking actual survival games, get that one. I think it's the only proper Ubisoft game in the last 10+ years. Quite insane actually, that they green lit it. And even more insane that they thought that this hardcore game would sell tons of copies. It has a difficulty mode, where you literally get a single life and that's it. Dead -> restart the game. Now THAT is survival horror. You also lose all inventory when you die once in any case and you need to kill your last character to get it back. And you got 1 life to do so. Fail and the hard earned equipment is gone for good. AS IT SHOULD BE.

Wii U dodged the 3rd party s*** of the Wii.

ArcFan10000 posted...
game variety.

It's a HD console.
And for a HD console it did it pretty good.
I mean 2 actual survival games, ZombiU + Project Zero 5, while survival horror is dead on all the other platforms (no, RE7 is not survival horror, it's a dumbed down shooter. No, Re:make is a port of a superb gamecube game, and it actually sold worse on all platforms combined that got the port than the gamecube version, which already sold horribly).

Wii U even got a F-Zero-style game called FAST Racing Neo. Which even got a physical release here in Europe. I really can't complain.
Sure, Endless Ocean 3 would have been nice, but that's the fate of HD. Niche games die because of graphic whores.
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User Info: jimi_dini

3 months ago#10
And hell for Project Zero 5 I almost cried. lol

I mean getting even another game of that classic series was great. Other publishers would have made it a stupid shooter for mass appeal or fully cancelled it.

And then Europe even gets a physical Limited Edition. I still can't believe it. Totally niche series getting a Limited Edition finally. That made me really happy.
"On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer."
--Satoru Iwata, 1959-2015 R.I.P.
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