Now that the hype is do you REALLY feel about Xenoblade Chronicles X?

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  3. Now that the hype is do you REALLY feel about Xenoblade Chronicles X?

User Info: Yeto_Reacher

3 months ago#1
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User Info: GuyKopski

3 months ago#2
Disappointing sequel to a game that was already extremely overrated.

User Info: Fauch

3 months ago#3
The game had a lot of content, but the plot was awful and some of the mechanics were not really well thought out.
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User Info: ViniciusFernand

3 months ago#4
Love it. My second favorite game on the console (behind the wonderful 101)

User Info: dezmomo

3 months ago#5
Loved it, but not a big fan of the way they told the story. Liked the first one more.
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User Info: vanille987

3 months ago#6
Loved it too.
World feels a bit empty sometimes but it had top notch quests, world building and mechanics.

User Info: nonexistinghero

3 months ago#7
I've been replaying the game in the past few weeks. It's still an amazing game. The main story could have used some more work in presentation and it wasn't finished... and the postgame grind to become all powerful is just insane. Well, and the skells do trivialize parts of the exploration once you really start using them. But other than that the game is excellent in almost every way.

Haven't used the skell much this time around. Had a ton of fun exploring all of the continents and doing quests. Often you could just jump up some places or use flight to easily get to certain points. But what you'll be missing is a path that was clearly made to be used for on foot exploration and you'll notice a lot of things that you would otherwise skip. Even after BotW this still holds up well. I think BotW has the best exploration of any open world game ever, but I consider XCX as a close second when it comes to that. Most other open world games simply don't have fun exploration for most part. I suppose playing around in the Just Cause games is also pretty fun. Exploration needs to be engaging, IMO.

I do still hope to see a direct sequel. And I also hope that it won't be turned into an MMO or something (since Nintendo might not see the need for 2 separate Xenoblade franchises).
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User Info: CyberHaunky

3 months ago#8
I absolutely loved it. While I would have liked to see a better story, I had so much fun running around the world and completing quests. I think I got around 80 hours out of it. Really fun game.

User Info: Aaron44126

3 months ago#9
I loved it... I think that the story could have used more structure (like the first one) but I get it for the type of world that they were trying to create. Actually, quite disappointed that the story leaves loose ends (we'll probably never get a sequel). I thought that the difficulty curve was good until after chapter 7 or 8, at which point the game became way too easy (Skells OP, I guess).

That said, I don't have a desire to play it again anytime soon, especially with the online support dead --- I used that to farm tickets or whatever to purchase key items that would have otherwise taken me longer to collect --- but I am looking forward to XC2.

User Info: nonexistinghero

3 months ago#10
Online still works dude. Only a few Miiverse-related things for I think 2 out of the hundreds of achievements can't be gotten. You can still fight the Global Nemesis monsters to farm tickets, though since not as many are playing it does take a bit longer to show up. I heard it does get killed pretty fast in the US too, but I'm not sure. Here in Europe it took a few days last time I checked.
Read the mania:
In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.
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  3. Now that the hype is do you REALLY feel about Xenoblade Chronicles X?

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