At one point I bought Devil's Thrid for $10 lol

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User Info: White Wolf Kiba

White Wolf Kiba
3 months ago#1
Don't worry the PAL version is cheap like that, I wouldn't have bought it otherwise.

So I figured I'd give the game a shot you know, it couldn't possibly be THAT bad and you know, gameplay wise I like it well enough.

BUT the setting, military stuff, characters, environments, everything is just so generic and dull, it's so NORMAIE like what CoD/Battlefield/FIFA types play, it's so normie it makes me cringe.

There's no soul, no personality to anything, everything is just there to serve enough of a purpose to keep the game moving along.

I can't understand why people create such dull, soulless garbage and what people find fascinating about it.

Was it worth $10? sure, why not
What isn't worth $10 but daaaamn
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User Info: Naisho

3 months ago#2
I also got it this cheap, and as the reviews were I wasnt expecting much... All I wanted was some katana action game (cause I always liked Red Steel from Wii and Kill Bill movie), so in the end, I was pretty surprised and enjoyed it. But I was really dissapointed with main character... The opening sequence was brilliant, I had to show it also to my friends, and first mission was also good, with all those remarks "Oh s***, its HIM! That crazy motherf***er!".

I really expected that he will develop into some interesting characer with good quotes and all, but nope... after great first impression, he was almost always quiet and dumb. Such disapointment.

And It was actually the first game I finished on my WiiU, and I had a hard time with some missions... I heard that multiplayer was really good, but it was already dead when I tried it.
Anyway, I dont regret the money spent.

User Info: Yeto_Reacher

3 months ago#3
The game certainly looks generic but seems like it is worth more credit than practically ANY review gave it.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

3 months ago#4
Yeto_Reacher posted...
The game certainly looks generic but seems like it is worth more credit than practically ANY review gave it.

There are some smaller review videos that praise it, but they're not counted as reviews listed on metacritic and such. The multiplayer of this game was the real gem, such a shame that it was closed down. No word on the PC version either (where I think the multiplayer would have been free to play), so it's probably canned.
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User Info: Skill4Reel

3 months ago#5
I've played way too many third person shooters on other platforms that were released years before Devil's Third to pretend like this game was better than any of those. The controls in Devil's Third were playable, but clearly still needed more work as the aiming never felt right to me. Nothing about this game was visually impressive. I stopped playing the campaign after the intro mission with zero desire to go back to it.

I had the same mindset going into purchasing Devil's Third as I did when buying Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Those thoughts were, "Oh, well. Since the third person shooter that I purchased this console for (Ghost Recon Online) is never going to be released. I guess that I might as well try these games since there is nothing else."

It is telling how terrible the third party support was on Wii U when I was actually contemplating and followed through with buying games that I was never impressed with from the trailers and gameplay footage just to have something in the TPS game type to play.

Multiplayer was decent the few times that I was able to find matches with more than two people. The map design was better than expected, but I didn't care enough to stick with the game. Especially when Splatoon had much better controls and gameplay, and there were always people playing it.

User Info: Gum

3 months ago#6
I was pretty hyped for devil's third back when it got announced. Shame it didn't end up as good as the hype.
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