Weirdest Wii U Game

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User Info: Yeto_Reacher

3 months ago#1
Weirdest Wii U Game - Results (62 votes)
Game and Wario
22.58% (14 votes)
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
33.87% (21 votes)
Wonderful 101
24.19% (15 votes)
Something else
19.35% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
What's the weirdest Wii U game?
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User Info: StephenYap3

3 months ago#2
Something else: Meme Run

It got booted off the eShop, though.
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User Info: Beefbud

3 months ago#3
the cluck-a-pop rewards are some of the weirdest things in gaming and i love it
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User Info: Cubby

3 months ago#4
Game and Wario
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User Info: Tails 64

Tails 64
2 months ago#5
I'd have to say throwing the Fire Emblem characters into a pop idol-vibe world was... strange. - My advice for surviving college and writing academically - My YouTube channel

User Info: MDS2005

2 months ago#6
Number sign fee.
...or whatever.

User Info: dr_zomberg

2 months ago#7
specifically, overly complicated mario maker levels
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User Info: krazykatt3

2 months ago#8
Something else.
While tms#fe came close with its idolaspheres Xenoblade X was the weirdest for me.
The game itself wasn't weird but they did a great job of making Mira feel very "alien".

Gotta give game and wario a bit of credit for the chicken gashapon thing though. Wtf even was that? 😂
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