Wii U BOTW edition console: can the game be sold?

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User Info: kidrobot

3 months ago#21
n00bsaib0t posted...
kidrobot posted...
n00bsaib0t posted...
kidrobot posted...
n00bsaib0t posted...
kidrobot posted...
ParadiseRegaind posted...
There was definitely not a special BotW Wii U bundle console released by Nintendo. By the time BotW came out, most stores did not even have Wii U consoles in stock anymore.

lol.. that doesnt really correlate

How does it not correlate? How is there going to be a special edition WiiU for BOTW if the WiiU was discontinued and no longer in stores for the BOTW release?

because it's limited edition

You can't really be this dense... It doesn't exist. It wasn't ever made because BOTW came out after they stopped making WiiU consoles.

i know it doesnt exist dummy
my point was they couldve made one after "most stores didnt have wii u's in stock"

that one company makes physical games AFTER the digital only title comes out
so it doesnt matter if it was made AFTER it was released

thats like saying people dont make aftermarket car parts
its called aftermarket for a reason

Aftermarket mods and limited edition aren't the same thing. If they were I would have a limited edition set of transparent blue joycons with a dpad, but in reality I have joycons with an aftermarket mod.

in this case it is
they dont make 2007 civics anymore
but they still make plenty of parts for them

he and you are trying to say that its not possible to make something after its been discontinued

which is wrong, heck, nintendo even did another run of pokemon soulsilver/heartgold not too long ago when they were OUT OF PRINT

eh anyways, im done

User Info: n00bsaib0t

3 months ago#22
Your argument ignores that Nintendo didn't do this for the WiiU. You can bring items back, being discontinued doesn't mean it won't ever be made again but it does mean that while it's discontinued they aren't making it.
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User Info: desaigamon

3 months ago#23
Matt118 posted...
Guys. Shut up. I am trying to ignore this whole argument that spawned because I asked a question that wasn’t 100% on the mark, but you’re making it really hard. If you have something helpful to say, then great. If you don’t, then please leave.

There. You made a Canadian yell. Are you happy? XD

You could just, you know, close the topic. Although, I guess you can't do that at the moment since I just posted in it.
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