Which games on the Wii U have the best music?

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User Info: Yeto_Reacher

3 months ago#41
Yeto_Reacher posted...
Anyways...came to post this one today:

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User Info: scigeek101

3 months ago#42
Yeto_Reacher posted...
Well sorry I didnt realize this was the scigeek101 music thread.

I'm glad you've been able to come to that realization.
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User Info: red_car

2 months ago#43
Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Any more good music on this system?

User Info: SaturnSnowman

2 months ago#44
I like the Mario Maker designing music, all of the styles and backgrounds have their own remix and it's very relaxing

Xenoblade X had some great music. Not sure why so many people hate on it, battle theme in particular gets you pumped

Super Smash Bros is an obvious choice but yeah it's a compilation so idk if it counts

Breath of the Wild has good songs but not very many since it has an ambient soundtrack

Tropical Freeze has some catchy remixes

Wooly World's matches the game well
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User Info: KCJ5062

2 months ago#45
Smash 4
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
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