I didn't even use Miiverse that much and I'm going to miss it a lot

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User Info: Tidus9rules

4 months ago#31
I have to say that it is indeed very sad to see go. I didn't really understand how to use it correctly until over a year of having Splatoon 1. I really never wanted to see peoples comments ON levels I was playing. I don't want spoilers and other peoples opinions forced onto my screen.
With Splatoon the art and comments from people really helped to build the feeling of community.
Splatoon 2 does not have this. The shopping area is filled not with regular people, but the same prominent posters on social media. These posts are either self promoting, or rifting on Memes. There is barely any posts about in game experiences, save for the common complaints about communication errors. This has caused a huge disconnect for me as an individual player and the rest of the player base as a whole. And no, sites like this do not fill that gap at all.

User Info: mrmtmn

4 months ago#32
Honestly, it was pretty cool at first. Each game community was different & quite a few became... hard to manage.

But to focus on a positive, it had some realized potential. For example, I was the first person to post a high score, with game over pic, for virtual console Mario Bros. Some guy smashed my score, but I earned it back. It went back & forth with us for about 2 weeks until I bowed my head in defeat. The community was pretty vocal and the posts were very popular for such a minor game. This was in the early days of Miiverse.
There's no format for that type of interaction now. That's the kind of Miiverse fun that I will miss.
FYI, new high scores were posted for that game (whether real or not) that blew ours out of the water. I checked in the last couple of days but the Mario Bros community was dead.
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User Info: MrSpeedy

4 months ago#33
I used to use it often. I don't post a whole lot but I liked seeing the art by different communities and I liked how you posted to communities of gamers who were playing the same game. It was easy to make friend's and even the smallest of games could get a fanbase of people who could become really close. There is not really any other type of social media that can capture the same feeling Miiverse had. It will be missed.

User Info: Mozzezz

4 months ago#34
Gum posted...
Mozzezz posted...
Gum posted...
Nothing of value was lost.

I remember getting an account banned for posting a screenshot of Corpse Party on the Corpse Party board. Was told it contained violent content.

...no f***ing s***, of course a game called Corpse Party is going to contain violent content. Why even enable screenshots in the first place if they didn't want me posting em? They disabled them for Persona Q after all

Yeah I forgot about that problem with it.

I think it was in game instructions, or some instructions on Miiverse or something, that asked me to invite people to do something a certain way. Well I followed the instructions to a T and got my post deleted and upheld by multiple mods. I wish I remembered more of the details. But the point is, besides other general problems the service had, the mods were an absolute joke.

The moderation disputes were even more of a joke. They can't explain why you broke the rules, and you can't explain why you didn't break the rules, so conversations go like this.

"I didn't break any rules."

"Yeah you did."



lol, yeah that's true.
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User Info: DoomsSD

4 months ago#35
Got one Moderation in my entire time on Miiverse. "F'ing" used as a substitute for "f***ing" got me a mod notice, lol.

User Info: Skill4Reel

4 months ago#36
blazingsonic posted...
I'm pretty bummed out about it myself, Miiverse, The Wii U all had so much potential, all of it wasted it's like no one wanted to try........ All for what? Facebook? Twitter, I rather not mix with people and their politics.

It is interesting how these giant corporations that make billions of dollars can't do anything for their fans anymore unless it also benefits them in a greater way financially. Not only do they want us to pay to connect our consoles to the servers for the online games that we play. A barrier that was never there that they created so that we would have to pay to remove. Now these corporations want us on social media giving them free advertisement every time their products are mentioned too.

So who cares if Miiverse was fun for Nintendo fans? Customers need to keep making more money for the corporation, because just buying their products isn't enough.

User Info: Tidus9rules

4 months ago#37
Yeah forgot about the moderations that were unfair and uncalled for. Don't point out someone that was CLEARLY hacking a game. That got you in trouble for 'bullying.' Yeah...after remember all those issues people had, let the Puritan Palace burn down to hell.


User Info: Gum

4 months ago#38
I actually liked miiverse back when it first launched. I feel like in the U's early days they were way more lax on the rules. I remember posting my friend code on the AC Plaza board all the time to play with people, made some great friends there. It was great for a certain amount of time.

Once it launched on the 3DS however was when it went downhill. I remember getting modded when I went to go post my FC on the ACNL board and it getting modded, a few of the friends I played AC with even got banned for posting their FC.
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User Info: Nintendo_Porn

4 months ago#39
Wait...I never got modded. O_o
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User Info: Frankinsteiner

4 months ago#40
I didn’t use it very often but it sucks it’s gone. Nintendo wanted to save money I guess.
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