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User Info: Cubby

6 months ago#21
I have a backlog, so yeah.

User Info: jaZzyjeff818

6 months ago#22
Twilight Princess HD and Super Mario 3D World here

User Info: star_ark

6 months ago#23
i normally play something each week but this week is all about evil within 2 and ps4. then i'll go back to color splash, star fox zero, botw and tms

User Info: Gargomon251

5 months ago#24
I play smash bros at least once a week. Been meaning to finish some old games though, and there's mario kart 8
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User Info: Skill4Reel

5 months ago#25
Oh, yeah. I am still loving the hell out of Splatoon ranked mode, and hating it all at the same time. It seems like the closer I get to S+99, the worse the latency and the teammates get.

User Info: slightlord

5 months ago#26
I have been playing Smash Bros., Lego Marvel, Mario Kart 8, Warriors Orochi 3, and Call of Duty Ghosts. I never thought I would like a home console Call of Duty title until I played it with pointer controls. The other games are games I have been playing since they released on the console. I also sprinkle in Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate every once in a while.

I should probably get around to beating Breath of the Wild...

Owning a Switch has not replaced Wii U for me; rather, it replaced 3DS. Even though I play Switch just a little bit more as a handheld than a home console (like 51/49 ratio), I feel like Switch is such a step up from 3DS that I cannot go back right now. Meanwhile, Wii U does not feel as irrelevant because it has pointer controls (note: I hate motion controls and believe they should be dead so Switch including them and not pointer controls is a huge letdown for me), decent graphics/physics, and off-tv co-op (going back to split-screen is f***ing devastating).
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User Info: Ultima_D_Strike

5 months ago#27
I do, playing BotW, XCX and Smash from time to time.
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User Info: Mercenary12451

5 months ago#28
Not much as I usually on PS4. I need to get back to Xenoblade Chronicles X as I have not played in a month and still on chapter 7. I still have a Wii U backlog including Breath of the Wild I really really need to get to so I don't own a Switch yet.

User Info: kaminarikid

5 months ago#29
I play Smash Bros. on a regular basis. Currently preparing to get my ass handed to me in a local tourney next week.

User Info: Grizzmeister

5 months ago#30
kaminarikid posted...
I play Smash Bros. on a regular basis. Currently preparing to get my ass handed to me in a local tourney next week.

When I play Sm4sh online people are either much better or much worse than I am. It's funky because there doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground. I guess that's because the Wii U has such a small installed userbase that the competition is either pro Smashers or little kids.
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