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User Info: OboyHowdy

6 months ago#11

Star Fox Guard, Tropical Freeze, Wonderful 101.
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User Info: _Mikerouch_

6 months ago#12
I've been busy with school, but getting a bit of playtime in. Mostly working on my backlog right now, but I am just about done playing Wind Waker. I've got the last temple and a few more pieces of the Triforce to get. Almost have a 100% file.

I will probably finish up 3D World next. I need to beat Woolly World and Captain Toad to clear some space of my system for some Wii games I bought on the eShop.

Edit: And I think I'm finally going to buy Breath of the Wild. I've been holding off in case I get a Switch, but I plan on moving in a year or so, so I'll probably just hold off on getting one. Need to play through Twilight Princess to power up that Wolf-Link amiibo.
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User Info: Oldmang

6 months ago#13
I just got the Wii U. Currently playing Bayonetta 2 and Super Mario 3D World! :D
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User Info: Grizzmeister

6 months ago#14
Only game I play consistently on my Wii U nowadays is Sm4sh.
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User Info: Yeto_Reacher

6 months ago#15

Animal Crossing City Folk (wii), Star Fox Zero and Mario Party 10
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User Info: Darkstorm16

6 months ago#16
A few random rounds of super smash Bros and Mario Kart....
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User Info: ElNachoCheese

6 months ago#17
I still play a decent amount. Just started Xenoblade Chronicles X for the first time.
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User Info: este914

6 months ago#18
dr_zomberg posted...
im using it to make a lot of mario maker levels. plus finish twilight princess, and tomorrow im buying breath of the wild.

Nice! No Switch yet, right?


User Info: dr_zomberg

6 months ago#19
no. but a guy is paying me 5 bucks for simple erotica images (5 per image) and he has a lot of them. i jokingly said the amount could cover the cost of a switch and he said "maybe :)".
if it does, im basically gonna buy one with por- i mean, erotica money.
3d erotica maker, videogame collector, phd in zombie lore. Also a girl
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User Info: GC_Destiny

6 months ago#20
I am still working through Breath of the Wild! And I will buy random games off of Virtual Console.
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