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User Info: crisiscorekid

6 months ago#1
Who still plays the wii u and what are you playing? I

User Info: Littlefoot

6 months ago#2
Not as often now, but i do still boot it up every now and then.

Right now i’m playing through Paper Mario: Color Splash.
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User Info: KCJ5062

6 months ago#3
A week or two ago I was playing Mega Man & Bass via the VC.
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User Info: digressive

6 months ago#4
We use it daily.

My son plays Mario Maker.

He and I play Skylanders.

My wife joins us to play 3d World and Mario Party.

I am still playing Breath of the Wild on master mode.

I occasionally play VC games and/or eshop games.

User Info: excitebike64

6 months ago#5
Splatoon and Wind Waker mostly. Xenoblade when I feel like grinding. Basically games that Miiverse makes a difference.

User Info: Zacek

6 months ago#6
I still have a lot of backlog there, mainly indie games.
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User Info: dr_zomberg

6 months ago#7
im using it to make a lot of mario maker levels. plus finish twilight princess, and tomorrow im buying breath of the wild.
3d erotica maker, videogame collector, phd in zombie lore. Also a girl
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User Info: BrianCraigSmith

6 months ago#8
Boss abusing and leveling up my team in Fire Emblem (VC).
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User Info: TC2Kevin

6 months ago#9
Don't have a Switch so it's my primary console. Playing some VC games and my son has been playing Hyrule Warriors lately. Both of my kids still love to play Nintendoland
NNID: Ninexpert
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User Info: yahya_no_1

6 months ago#10
BotW, Smash, anything the kids want to play.

Honestly I got Zero reasons to get the Switch when all the games they are offering are already on the WiiU with small updates.....and less features
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