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User Info: Yeto_Reacher

1 year ago#31
The game is legitimately creepy thus far. Pretty good graphics. IDK if its that I have to constantly look at my inventory or the British accents...
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User Info: TendaShy

1 year ago#32
stephen_31686 posted...
I just found it kind of generic. It never grabbed me, so I never played for more than a few hours.

In terms of gameplay, it didn't seem generic to me. Of course, I could have simply missed out on games it copies but I've yet to find a game that plays quite like it (and the gamepad's impact on the game clearly makes it one of a kind). Now, if you really just mean that beating zombies to death with a cricket bat got old for you pretty fast and it wasn't all that frightening, then that's more in line with what I'd expect someone to complain about.

Personally, I was able to get into it and get to a point where I stopped using the cricket bat and went for crossbow kills to support my ammo conservation habit, so that I could then unleash with the big guns for the really tough parts of the game. If you do that, the cricket bat becomes non-essential rather early, which opens up the chance to experiment and have fun with horde fights. Then you've got a game where your plans either come together beautifully in fights or you find yourself overwhelmed by some glorious miscalculation that leads to a frantic fight to stay alive and maybe fix your mistake.

It has its moments, but it also felt like the developers left a lot of potential untapped.
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