GamePad left analog stick doesn't respond as it should

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User Info: DUBTuner

5 months ago#1
So I'm having this problem with my gamepad's left analog stick. If I hold it up, for example, it will register normally, but if I slide it to any other direction it won't respond. If I want it to go right at all I have to apply greater pressure for it to register. Is the stick completely screwed up? This is a launch Wii U gamepad by the way.

Could it be dust beneath the stick? Maybe I could open it up and see, but I have absolutely zero knowledge on electronics and there's a big chance I might just break it if I try to fix. Although I do have a Pro Controller which I mainly use for games, there are still a couple of games that demand the GamePad.

Also I'm not sending it to Nintendo for repair because they won't attend my country.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: physically it moves normally, there's no resistance on it.

User Info: wiimann123

5 months ago#2
You can look at this guide if decide to replace your gamepad's left analog stick:

I did the same thing when my gamepad's right analog stick started to drift up every few minutes. It fixed my drifting problem entirely.
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User Info: TC2Kevin

5 months ago#3
I was having a similar problem. I fixed it by using a toothbrush. I ran the bristles around the edge while pointing the stick in different directions. Eventually I got a large piece of dirt out and functionality returned.

Or you can get a triwing screwdriver and a replacement thumbstick and do it yourself. There's guides and videos on the internet on how to do it.
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