Recommended games for 4 year old?

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User Info: Lil_Bit83

6 months ago#21
Animal Crossing games are good. Perhaps a simple indie game, or old school arcade game. I second Kirby for its simplicity, Adventure or Superstar perhaps.
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User Info: ernieforss

6 months ago#22
Thomas Was Alone will teach the kid basic gameplay.
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User Info: BigTee66

5 months ago#23
Super smash bros- Theres an easy mode, so he should be fine
Sonic Lost Worlds- Shouldnt be too bad, its colorful, fast, and action packed
Mario Kart 8- this is THE game for kids and friends
Any lego games- Ive played the older ones as a teenager and i had a blast
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User Info: dr_zomberg

5 months ago#24
anything that is not a videogame.
seriously. get him some toys like real lego or those awesome log-based construction kits.

at the very least, set up your pc with some snes/nes emulators and roms and have him play some older games.

3d games can and will be too complicated for a 4 year old.

2d games just offer left, right, jump and (optional) fire.
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5 months ago#25
robert_rangersu posted...
I'm thinking of getting my son a Wii U for Christmas, seems like an ideal first console with it being semi portable and such. I'm thinking Wind Waker HD, he loved watching me playing BOTW but I feel it would be too difficult for him, he loves minecraft, any good sonic games or other suggestions?

Two things:

1) I wouldn't recommend letting your 4 year old go online unless it is to play with someone you know personally, or know the parents of, because internet predators and psychopaths are becoming more abundant online (in my opinion).
2) Read the ESRB rating on a game. Many games that are rated "E" can be decent, like a Super Mario Galaxy 2 (which plays on Wii U), or maybe the Captain Toad game.

Yes, Wind Waker would be too difficult for a 4 year old. You can always get him a very simple childs game specifically designed for his age.

User Info: Verkins

5 months ago#26
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
New Super Mario Bros. U
Super Mario 3D World
Yoshi's Woolly World
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