Wii U owners on this board who also have a Switch?

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User Info: ernieforss

7 months ago#11
i bought it at launch and still think wii u is better overall and has more games.

If they keep top sellers are ports wii u games, it shows the wii u was a pretty good system. (Mario will change that of course)

It's nice to have the option to take it on the go, but i'm really afraid i'll get mugged holding a switch purse in public. And i don't have someone to drive me around so i can't play it in the car.
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User Info: JKatarn

7 months ago#12
Oh, and the fact that we're already seeing games like NBA2K18 that require additional space/downloads doesn't exactly make me want to run right out and get one. I'm very patient when it comes to console purchases, a good game/console doesn't suddenly become trash if you don't buy it day one, and you have the advantage of a more mature game library, generally cheaper consoles/games etc.
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User Info: red_car

7 months ago#13
Interesting results so far. It looks like there's a decent mixture of people voting for different options.

Anyway, is it a good idea to get a Switch if I'm not planning on using it for portable gaming? I used to play Game Boy on long road trips back when I was a kid but nowadays I mostly play games at home or at a friend's place since I'm usually busy whenever I'm out and about.

User Info: yosheta

7 months ago#14
I don't have a Switch, do plan to get it though around Black Friday and for when Xenoblade Chronicles 2 comes out.

User Info: snake_5036

7 months ago#15
I got one last month in a Gamestop bundle with Splat 2, Zelda + DLC, and MK8D.
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User Info: The Great 0ne

The Great 0ne
7 months ago#16
I love my Switch. The portability of everything is amazing, and the games have finally rounded out to a nice selection (especially once Mario comes out.)

I still use the WiiU for Smash...but once that comes out I probably won't use it anymore :(

User Info: dr_zomberg

7 months ago#17
im saving to gift me one on christmas
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User Info: Cozy

6 months ago#18
Yeah mate, I got my Switch on launch. I expected it to be a lot better tbh, only now is its library starting to get good.

I still play the Wii U though, got lots of games that I haven't even opened, lol. Just the ones I got on discount and that I never got around to. I'll probably be playing this console for a good more 2 years.

User Info: crs1989

6 months ago#19
I don't have one and currently don't have any desire to get one. If the library expands and they get some exclusives I'll probably get one though. I hope they release a different version in the future like they do with most of their consoles. A"Switch Lite" or something.

User Info: digressive

6 months ago#20
I might get one eventually. Probably will end up with a PS4 before that.
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