What WiiWare and Wii Virtual Console games should I get?

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User Info: _Dog

5 months ago#1
Posted this on the Wii board as well, but since the Wii U has Wii Mode it should be safe to ask here too.

I managed to get 14000 Wii Points for about $25, and I'd like to see what games I should get to add to my library of games.

Preferably I want to aim for games that aren't on the Wii U Virtual Console since I prefer to get them there as they have more features available. So try not to go for first-party Nintendo VC games unless they're not on the Wii U VC. So please recommend me some games for me to spend the Wii Points on.

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User Info: Nintenking

5 months ago#2


FFII (assuming you can't get a better version of FFIVj)
Chrono Trigger
Secret of Mana
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy
Super Turrican

Pokemon Puzzle League
Bomberman Hero

Master System
Sonic 1, 2, Chaos
Wonderboy 2, 3 (though maybe see if the steam remake is any good)

Earthworm Jim
Mega Turrican

Actually there's loads of great Genesis titles on Wii VC, but it's a lot cheaper to get them on Steam, so if you can, go do that.

Wii VC also has Neo Geo support so if you're into beat-em-ups or fighting games I hear there's a treasure trove to be found there, and I also hear the Metal Slug games are good run-and-guns. I can't really say though since I haven't played any of them.


Battle Lode Runner
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Plotwise the same game as Dracula X on SNES, but this version apparently has different level design. I haven't played Dracula X though.)
Ys Book 1 and 2 (They're sold as a compilation on VC and played as one long game.)
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User Info: Littlefoot

5 months ago#3
If you're looking for some WiiWare games, Mega Man 9 and 10 is always a good pick.
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User Info: Spookyryu

5 months ago#4
Lost Winds 1 and 2, world of goo and Horizon Riders

User Info: haseo4

5 months ago#5
For WiiWare games I recommend Onslaught, Jett Rocket and Nyx Quest. They're pretty short but fun nonetheless.

User Info: ROB45

5 months ago#6
Ace Attorney trilogy.

Virtual Console:
Good god too many to list.
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