Best Wii games on the Wii U Eshop?

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User Info: Need2KnowLion

6 months ago#1
Looking to get one Wii game for the system memory before I start solely focusing on the Switch. Only have space for one (just over 9 gigs). What should I get?

User Info: FuzzyJello

6 months ago#2
Last I recall nearly every Wii game on the eShop is good. I'll vouch for Sin and Punishment 2 since no one else might; it's a fun shooter, like the Star Fox 64 the Wii never got. Particularly with the Wiimote + nunchuck.

User Info: rpeopler

6 months ago#3
Xenoblade Chronicles. It even has GamePad support so it can be used as a controller option!

User Info: masticatingman

6 months ago#4
Either of the Pikmin games if you've never played them. Absolute classics.
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User Info: jerrbear64

6 months ago#5
If you can only go with one, I'd say Super Mario Galaxy 2 (though if you could get both, play 1 first)
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