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User Info: Braev

7 months ago#81
Haven't touched my Wii U in weeks but this topic made me want to power it on and play some Detana Twinbee or Blazing Lazers or something.
There's a mystery to be uncovered here, that's for sure. And I get the feeling the truth is beyond my wildest imagination.

User Info: Crazy4Mario

7 months ago#82
LuigiFan835 posted...
Crazy4Mario posted...
Those are spin offs. Not Kirby platformers.

I know that, but I'm asking what you thought about them

I liked King Dedede's Drum Dash.

And The 3D Kirby game from Planet Robobot.
Prepare for trouble.
Make it double.

User Info: TC2Kevin

7 months ago#83
Bought Earthbound on the VC and started playing. It's my first time ever playing through the game
NNID: Ninexpert
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User Info: Cozy

7 months ago#84
I need to beat Mario 3D World. I'm on Champion's road atm, but I just need to get around to beating that damn level. I don't think I'll go for every character to clear every level though, f*** that.

I'm at the same spot for DK Country Returns, just need to beat that final golden temple level with all the fruits.

User Info: NeiL-KuN

7 months ago#85
Splatoon until nintendo shut it down
Justice is a word used only by the weak

User Info: crs1989

7 months ago#86
I still play BoTW on the weekends. Rarely I can find time during the week to play. Sometimes if I have time during the week I play Smash Bros.

User Info: Crazy4Mario

7 months ago#87
NeiL-KuN posted...
Splatoon until nintendo shut it down

They shut down the Splatoon servers?

Aww man. :(
Prepare for trouble.
Make it double.

User Info: Naisho

7 months ago#88
Naisho posted...
Zelda BoTW - 120 hours, 1 divine beast cleared... yeah, this will be long journey
Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) - Im probably at 80% of story... still need to beat it.
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper - I enjoy unlocking and leveling characters.
Golden Sun - Yeah... played it 2 days ago and I think that Im stuck at one part.
Fire Emblem
Elliot Quest - got interested because of soundtrack from trailer, and the game seems quite good mix of metroidvania and zelda 2, I do not regret buying this
Ninja Gaiden - unforgiving game... just FU player (me), you will die anyway...
Rorrim - bought out of curiosity... maybe I will finish it someday
Toki Tori - just some casual puzzles
Gunman Clive - This game is amazing, and Im probably at the end part of 2nd game.

But I shouldnt be playing so many games.

Im adding Tengami to this list, cause I got it for my gold points. Finally I was able to use them on something nice.
And aborting Zelda BoTW. I havent touched it much from my previous post, because I want to buy DLC and start from beginning. I cant wait for this, cause Im starting to miss this game.

User Info: Yeto_Reacher

7 months ago#89
Currently: Mario Kart 8
Forget mirror, Yeta. No. Look into eyes of Yeto. Look in reflection of Yeto's eyes...There true beauty! Who need mirror?

User Info: Daymos256

7 months ago#90
Metroid prime trilogy & castlevania aria of sorrow.. and always mario kart 8
- Nintendo gamer -
Since 1988
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