Amiibo Festival (Animal Crossing) WORTH??

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User Info: qkaayu

6 months ago#1
Wasnt sure where to ask but do you think its worth buying the Amiibo Festival game?

Right now, It's on sale for $10 on gamestop. It comes with 2 AMIIBO figures and 3 Amiibo cards.

The only reason why i want it is for the figure and cards! Is it worth it? .-.
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User Info: dr_zomberg

6 months ago#2
for that price, sure. just bare in mind its not an actual animal crossing game, but a mario party-esque game done bad. buy it only if you like AC characters.

if you were to be kind enough to snag an extra copy for me ill paypal you the money and you can send it to my dad's PO box in california.
or... i can make you a 3d render of whatever youre into for the same price. someone already gave me a steam game for a render.

just one question, is that the bundle? the one that comes in a box ala mario party 10/captain toad?
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User Info: red_car

6 months ago#3

Type in "amiibo festival" while using the search function if you want to see more topics on this game.

User Info: Lil_Bit83

6 months ago#4
That's a pretty good price.
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User Info: LuigiFan835

6 months ago#5
Good price, the game is still s*** though
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