I swear Tekken Tag 2 is officially 2nd hardest WiiU game to find

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  3. I swear Tekken Tag 2 is officially 2nd hardest WiiU game to find

User Info: yahya_no_1

7 months ago#1
At least in Canada

Nothing can beat Devil's Third physical copy on the WiiU, but for the longest time I thought wonderful 101 was Right behind it.....until I decided to buy Tekken Tag 2, did Nintendo just ask them to stop making them or something? even Amazon has only japn copies Oo?

User Info: Littlefoot

7 months ago#2
That's weird. Here in Sweden i had no problem at all finding a copy used for a reasonable price at Gamestop.
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User Info: dr_zomberg

7 months ago#3
on ebay US is ranges from 15 to 30 used. a lot of copies available.
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User Info: este914

7 months ago#4
Yea just go eBay Canada.

User Info: Xeno_Cyclops

7 months ago#5
sigh Devil's Third is still expensive... I was hoping the price would go down since I love playing "funny" bad games but I guess I'll have to fork over money for a copy one of these days
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User Info: VivaLaRazaLH

7 months ago#6
Bought it for $10, played it once, then sold it for $10. Oh well
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User Info: yahya_no_1

7 months ago#7
I swear I tried so many shops this week, I found ONE person in a facebook group who is willing to sell it haha(have to travel for it), I can't understand why this game is this hard, but all the other WiiU games I was able to get

User Info: Wario_man

7 months ago#8
It isn't on eShop?

User Info: yahya_no_1

7 months ago#9
Wario_man posted...
It isn't on eShop?

For how long?, look at those DSi owners on how pissed they got when they couldn't re-download the games they bought

User Info: YAMBAG84

7 months ago#10
Didn't know that game existed on the Wii U.
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  3. I swear Tekken Tag 2 is officially 2nd hardest WiiU game to find

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