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User Info: ioki

8 months ago#1
Was changing things around while playing majoras mask. Using the default setting became an issue for the C stick became an issue as I would constantly end up choosing an option I did not want. I switched them in the menu but forgot to re-assign the ZR button. This brings up the menu to create/load restore points and update the controls settings. Not sure how to get back to this now

Also if anyone has any recommended settings for the N64 Zeldas they can share that would be great. I'm sure many had this same issue trying to replicate the C-stick

User Info: ioki

8 months ago#2
Can answer my own question. The controllers screen can pull up that menu.

Still curious about LoZ custom controls tho. The right stick of too sensitive to replicate the C- buttons

User Info: Citan22

8 months ago#3
i do something like assign C-left and C-right to X and A respectively, and then C-down to R, where I'll usually put my slingshot/bow. with this setup you can shoot your slingshot/bow quickly with R but also by flicking down the right analog stick, which feels satisfyingly realistic since you can hold the bow drawn for as long as you keep the stick pulled back and then release it to fire. give it a try.

and for most games i also recommend putting the VC menu onto the minus (-) button, freeing up a shoulder button..
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User Info: masticatingman

8 months ago#4
I know what you're talking about with the c-stick sensitivity in Majora's Mask on vc. I eventually got used to it and stomached it without changing the control layout and made it through the game fine.
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User Info: Thunderbird8

8 months ago#5
Note that you can also use the GamePad's touch screen to open up the controller configuration menu.

The Wii VC releases of the N64 Zeldas (which had no controller customization) had additional button bindings which allowed one to use the Wind Waker style of item use. But I forget the specifics of that.
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