Wii U pro controller question

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User Info: Clandestiny8

8 months ago#1
So I'm trying to get an official Wii U pro controller and not one from one of those third party companies. Therefore, I was wondering if the official Wii U pro controllers only have the Wii U logo on it, or if some official ones also don't have the logo on it (since I see both of them being sold online). Thanks!

User Info: crs1989

8 months ago#2
To my knowledge all the real ones have the logo. If you buy from eBay or another retailer ensure that you check the comments so you don't accidentally buy a third party.

User Info: CherryTsundere

8 months ago#3
Here is the official one:

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User Info: gabelogan183

8 months ago#4
I was able to find one at target, and asked to have it price-matched with their website.

At the time, I think it was April or May this year, they had it at 39.99 online so I paid about 45 after tax.

I would be wary of buying from amazon, unless sold directly by them. Good luck TC!
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User Info: masticatingman

8 months ago#5
Some brick and mortar stores still might have them. Worth checking out a few Walmarts, Best Buys, and Targets on a weekend if you got a couple hours.
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User Info: Clandestiny8

8 months ago#6
Thanks everyone!

User Info: VivaLaRazaLH

8 months ago#7
Clandestiny8 posted...
Thanks everyone!

Check Brickseek for Walmart and Target inventory
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User Info: kidrobot

7 months ago#8
my walmart and gamestop still has em for $39.99 i believe
shouldve picked one up last year or so when it was on sale for $25
but the only two games i have left are zelda botw and xenoblade chronicles x
dont think its worth to pick it up now(they play fine on the gamepad)
& plus my gamepads battery still holds a decent charge like it was new
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