Smash 4 vs. Mario Kart 8

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User Info: crs1989

6 months ago#11
If you are referring to online multiplayer, Mario Kart 8 is far superior. The For Glory mode for SSB can be incredibly frustrating due to the play style of the players and the lag. Offline multiplayer I prefer Smash.

User Info: _Candice_

6 months ago#12
Both suck and have been unfun thanks to the Wii generation
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User Info: colt85

6 months ago#13

MK8 (and overall) gets boring after playing for a while, you will always take the same routes over and over again. It all comes to what items you and your opponents get while doing so.
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User Info: LuigiFan835

6 months ago#14
GuyKopski posted...
Smash 4 has the s***tiest single player of any of the Smash games. They literally went out of their way to make it suck, because Sakurai was angry at Youtubers or something. Mario Kart's is the same as it always is, nothing special, but at least not actively worse than the previous games.

I would definitely say Smash has better multiplayer though.

Come on, the original had a worse single player
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