Lego City Undercover?

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User Info: Darkstorm16

9 months ago#1
Which version should I get? I seen at my work they want the wiiu copy for $20 and the switch copy is $60
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User Info: GameKing59

9 months ago#2
I'd say the Wii U version. For one, it's cheaper. For another, that's the version that I played.

User Info: Littlefoot

9 months ago#3
The Wii U version is the definitve one to get. It's cheaper and once you play you'll see that it was designed with the Gamepad in mind, something the other versions lack.
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User Info: masticatingman

9 months ago#4
It does actually use the gamepad in the regular gameplay a lot so be prepared for that.

The only issue I had with it were the loading times, although they aren't as bad as they could be. Delightful game otherwise though.
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User Info: jimi_dini

9 months ago#5
Wii U version.

I guess they at the very least kept the Nintendo content for the Nvidia tablet version. The (actually awesome) gamepad controls however are gone thanks to bad hardware design. So Wii U version it is.
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User Info: Alphrin

9 months ago#6
It's part of the minority of games that actually took advantage of the Gamepad in a fun way, so if you have any interest in that then I'd say get the Wii U version for sure.

User Info: Thunderbird8

9 months ago#7
I have the Wii U and the Switch versions of the game. I prefer the Switch version for a multitude of reasons:

*Switch loading times are slightly shorter (though on the other hand there's no loading bar for some reason).
*I was not a fan of having the scanning mechanic exclusively use motion controls on the Wii U version. On Switch, I can use the right stick to pan around to find stuff.
*Both versions of the game have crash issues. If the Wii U game crashes, I have to get up from wherever I happen to be sitting, and either unplug the Wii U, or hold down the Power button until the system shuts down. If the Switch game crashes, I get a message, get booted back to the HOME Menu, and can restart the game or do whatever I want very quickly. Admittedly, this one is more down to the consoles themselves, rather than the game, but it is a difference.
*Having to switch between the game screen and the map on the same screen doesn't really bother me.
*The Switch version is slightly more than 1/3rd the size of the Wii U version (7.6GB vs 19GB). Granted, this one does not matter for physical-only people, but I prefer digital. I'm still curious as to how they managed this one though...
*I can put the Switch into sleep mode, therefore reducing the number of times I have to go through the long game launch load screen if I'm playing a rather long stretch. Can't say that about the Wii U version.

One other note: While most of the Nintendo specific content was retained on the Switch version, one item was not: the Mario Hat Red Brick is missing (so there are only 39 red bricks instead of 40).
Questionmarktarius 9 months ago#8
Isn't the Switch version still missing all the Mario stuff?
If you need multiplayer, get the Switch one. Otherwise, Wii U.

User Info: YAMBAG84

9 months ago#9
I'd get the Wii U version, love that game. I don't recommend the 3DS version...booooring. It's so redundant, I couldn't finish it.
Questionmarktarius 9 months ago#10
YAMBAG84 posted...
I don't recommend the 3DS version...booooring. It's so redundant, I couldn't finish it.

Also the load times are obscene... on a cart.
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