Playing Wii game on Wii U. Quick question

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User Info: ledbowman

7 months ago#1
Metroid Prime Trilogy. The image doesn't quite fill up the screen. There's a little black border that goes all the way around it. Is this normal? Thank you.
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User Info: Wings_of_Pink

7 months ago#2
Hm... Likely something about the game's internal resolution, or the aspect ratio. Have you tried tinkering with the TV's upscaling settings? Some games will need to have the borders to look right (like PSX games on PS3, playing on my Sony TV), but I'm not at all familiar with, well, any Metroid game. Try different upscaling/stretch settings and see what works best. Otherwise, just, you know, play the hand you're dealt. At least you *get* video output. :-/

User Info: TendaShy

7 months ago#3
One very easy way to change it if your TV doesn't let you do it (mine lets you change from full pixel/full/-1), go into Wii U settings and look for the video size option. This is the one that says to look at the arrows and it tells you to make them fit in the screen; just change that one size bigger so that part of the arrows cut off and now Wii games should appear properly. You'll have to change this back if you want Wii U software to fill the screen properly, just remember that.
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User Info: Citan22

7 months ago#4
yes it's normal. i'm pretty sure i made this exact same topic when playing Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on my Wii U shortly after launch. and aside from the border, that game had some sort of noise/flickering on the very bottom of the image that wasn't really noticeable on the Wii or vWii because it would basically be cut off.

you'll also notice n64 VC games have a bigger border around them on Wii U than the original Wii/vWii mode.
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User Info: MithrilMonarch

7 months ago#5
It's normal. Games on the Wii didn't quite fill the screen so that there was wiggle room for people who use older TVs that overscan by default.
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