Wii u - keeper?

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User Info: yahya_no_1

6 months ago#11
For smash alone yes......for now lol

But yah, even though Nintendo s*** on this system at it's final year, before that they had good games out for the console

I mean good 20 games is all I can see this system being remembered for....pulse all the wii games

User Info: Agenhym

6 months ago#12
I've got a pretty sizable backlog of games still to play - mostly downloads bought when on sale. Its also my primary means of streaming netflix at the moment. So it will be a while before before I even consider getting rid of mine.

User Info: slymshady

6 months ago#13
Yes. Access to the best Nintendo catalog by far

User Info: ChubbierTube

6 months ago#14
Worth keeping alone for Virtual Console titles and the Pro Controller (which may just be the best controller ever made). BC with the Wii and their Virtual Console too.

I'll never get rid of mine.
Don't judge me, monkey.

User Info: Torgo

6 months ago#15
Linkz1 posted...
A keeper. Still playing Breath of the Wild. Haven't gotten halfway there yet. Collecting all the Treasure Chests, Korok Seeds and exploring everything. This is the only game to last for months or years since is very big compared to the other RPGs.

Linkz1, I'd like you to meet my friend Xenoblade Chronicles X!

Honestly, XCX is bigger in sheer scope. There's as many or more weapons, armors, mech parts, stuff to collect, quests to solve, etc...and a simply massive world to explore with easily over 200 hours if you want to do it all.

Both games are simply massive!
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User Info: LordBowser

6 months ago#16
Absolutely. Wii U has excellent games and most of my Wii DLC as well (though I am wishing I had kept it on the Wii for other reasons).

Every Nintendo console is a keeper for me. I still boot up my N64 and SNES from time to time. Though my NES has seen better days... and I actually had to replace my overused and much loved SNES.
I am Lord Bowser, King of the Koopas! Bwahaha..
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User Info: YAMBAG84

6 months ago#17
I actually love my Wii U more and more the bigger my collection gets with good games. The gamepad was useless for the most part, but I still love it and it gets way more play than my XBOX One. My XBOX One is basically for using Apps like HBOgo, Netflix, and Showtime Anytime.

User Info: jojopellegrino

6 months ago#18
@RoryMcilroy posted...
Just what I needed to hear to be honest :)
Thank you for posting.

I bet you got tons of money so buying a Wii U is just a drop in the bucket for you but what did you decide to do?
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User Info: crazyray47

6 months ago#19
I still have a bunch of wii games, wii u games, and stuff on the eshop. I wouldn't make enough selling it to make up for how much ive invested into it

User Info: RoboP

5 months ago#20
Definetely keeping my one, since I got a lot of good games on it and even VC games, most of the N64's good line up is on the that thing.
They play better then they did on Wii VC.
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