Wii u - keeper?

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User Info: RoryMcilroy

6 months ago#1
May I ask any Wii u owners if this system for you is a keeper...

I've played and finished some fine games on the system......until it broke.

I'm tempted to purchase one again for colour splash...

Is there anything on this system at this present moment in time that prevents you from moving yours on...if you haven't already...

I couldn't part with my Ps4 due to sfv for e.g
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User Info: Torgo

6 months ago#2
Wii U is definitely a keeper.
Even with Switch getting a bunch of ports.

Tons of games like Bayonetta 2, Super Mario Maker, The Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong: TF, Super Mario 3D World, Steamworld collection, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

I'll probably be giving this console regular use for a long time, even with my gaming PC, 3DS, and Switch.
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User Info: RoryMcilroy

6 months ago#3
Just what I needed to hear to be honest :)
Thank you for posting.
Its all in the hips baby.

User Info: este914

6 months ago#4
Well you need to look at a couple different factors:

How cheap can you get a new system for?

How many remaining games are there that you want to play?

Does that amount of games justify the price you'd pay for the system?

User Info: ResidentialEvil

6 months ago#5
Good luck in the PGA Championship.
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User Info: digressive

6 months ago#6
Yes, it's a keeper.

User Info: oldgamingfan

6 months ago#7
I'll definitely be keeping my Wii U there's just so many games I play on it fatal frame maiden of Blackwater Zombi U smash bros the walking dead survival instinct and falling skies the game plus all my virtual console games I just can't give up all those games in fact I like my Wii U so much if it breaks I'll send it to Nintendo to repair it

I Think The Wii U is A Really Underrated Console Yeah It Had Its Problems But I've had and continue to have so much fun playing it It's a shame it failed so bad The WII U is my favorite Nintendo console since the GameCube and one of my favorite consoles ever

I'll continue to play my Wii U for years to come
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User Info: Linkz1

6 months ago#8
A keeper. Still playing Breath of the Wild. Haven't gotten halfway there yet. Collecting all the Treasure Chests, Korok Seeds and exploring everything. This is the only game to last for months or years since is very big compared to the other RPGs.

User Info: doutforharambe

6 months ago#9
It is for fans of the games that came out.
Playing dat Persona 5!

User Info: Andrew Shinn

Andrew Shinn
6 months ago#10
i'll keep mine, but only cos i keep all my consoles. It's the nintendo console with the fewest games tho, (the only ones with less are 3DS & virtual boy as i don't have those consoles at all)
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