Were there any good JRPGs for the Wii U?

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User Info: SickSikSic

7 months ago#1
The only RPG I know of is Xenoblade Chronicles, to be honest I haven't really played this system much so I would be interested in finding some games to play on it.
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User Info: Mercenary12451

7 months ago#2
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.
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User Info: Naisho

7 months ago#3
Yeah, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Tokyo Mirage... thats probably it for the Wii U from the big JRPGs.

But you still have access to some really good Wii JRPGs, GBA, indie and others. Like Child of Light, Revenant Saga, Alphadia Genesis, Golden Sun, Pier Solar etc.

To be honest, I was dissappointed in the quantity of JRPGs on Wii U, there are only few of them, but... I dont care anymore, because there is Zelda, and these few JRPGs which are there... they are really good in my opinion.

User Info: Dark_SilverX

7 months ago#4
We got VC for our JRPG needs.
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User Info: carljenk

7 months ago#5
First ever legitimate release of earthbound beginnings in the west.
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User Info: yosheta

7 months ago#6
Unpopular opinion, but Paper Mario: Color Splash could also fill the void.

User Info: FeiBenares

7 months ago#7
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
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User Info: Sparkey528

7 months ago#8
I like Tokyo Mirage sessions, but yeah the Wii U is lacking in JRPG games. Monster hunter isn't your typical JRPG and the rest of the decent games are action games like Smash, Bayonetta, Legend of Zelda, Mario etc.
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User Info: LordBowser

7 months ago#9
yosheta posted...
Unpopular opinion, but Paper Mario: Color Splash could also fill the void.

I am not sure if it qualifies as a traditional JRPG but it is an RPG and a decent game. It's worth a look.
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User Info: Endgame

7 months ago#10


Pick one.
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