Wii U stopped reading discs

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User Info: Ryu X

Ryu X
1 year ago#1
Finally got a copy of Zelda but now my Wii U has stopped reading discs. When I was playing Zelda I noticed a loud craking sound coming from the Wii U like it was always loading something from the disc. Now it flat out won't play discs at all. Just says the disc can't be read doesn't matter what game I put in.

Stuff installed on the system already works. Looks like my laser burned out. Maybe due to the fact how hard Zelda was working the systems blu ray drive. I had my PS3 stop reading discs from FF13 years ago now this.

Wii Us are hard to find in stores now, its way past the warranty since I got it years ago what should I do?

User Info: Skill4Reel

1 year ago#2



Always remember. You are not alone.

User Info: 1anthonygamer1

1 year ago#3
Rip. GG, bro. Your only option is to pick up a switch.

User Info: Megamushroom666

1 year ago#4
Buy a replacement box on eBay for cheap, good luck.

User Info: slymshady

1 year ago#5
Buy a refurb from Nintendo, they are fairly inexpensive. I plan on getting one down the line
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