The Top 100 WII U Games of All-Time!

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User Info: jls403

5 months ago#111

User Info: KJP3

5 months ago#112
The Earth is flat and Dinosaurs were made up to discourage time travel.

User Info: Rookie06

5 months ago#113
1) Mario Kart 8
2) Breath of the Wild (though i played the switch version, but its p much the same)
3) Smash 4
4) Wind Waker HD
5) The Wonderful 101
6) Paper Mario CS
7) Splatoon
8) Shantae & The Pirate's Curse
9) Super Mario 3D World
10) Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

HM Bayonetta 2

User Info: PoorRetroGamer

5 months ago#114
1) Yoshi's Wooly World
2) Super Mario 3d World
3) Bayonetta 2
4) Mario Kart 8
5) Super Smash Bros U
6) Zelda Breath of the Wild
7) Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
8) Splatoon

I wont add more because from what I played (Mario Maker, New Super, HD ports) I dont think the games deserve to be in a top 10...the WiiU was a very weak console overall

I still have to play Xenoblade, Paper Mario, Monster Hunter, Pikmin, Captain Toad and a few others on my backlog

User Info: jls403

5 months ago#115

User Info: DarthDestro

5 months ago#116
Smash is the best game ever
You either die a noob or live long enough to see yourself becomr a try hard
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