R.I.P. Iwata

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User Info: JohnnyKooch

2 years ago#1
This board was the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw the news.
I know we had a lot of talks about how some people hated Iwata and wanted him out, some just wanted a new CEO, and others would argue against it saying a change in his role won't change as much as others claimed, etc.

I knew I would come here and see some trolls, like every day.
Some plain mean, some just dis-respectful (Hes finally out of office!!), and some just stupid.

I'm extremely aware that there are 25 other topics about this right now,
but I feel like we should all just make one.
I'd rather see 2 full pages of paid respects than our usual "YR: NX IS SMARTWATCH", "DEV BLAMES WII U", "WII U SUCKS" topics.

Hey, at least he tried.
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