i actually see nintendo going third party as a very bad outcome for the fans

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  3. i actually see nintendo going third party as a very bad outcome for the fans

User Info: Cyrax2286

2 years ago#41
Bat178 posted...
1. Remember Atari and Sega? Look at how they are nowadays. 2. The same thing would happen to Nintendo. 3. Also, Sony/Microsoft fanboys wouldn't buy Nintendo games even if they were third party because, to most of them, colourful cartoony games are "kiddie" and are **** because of that according to them regardless of the actual quality of the game, 4. and I don't want Nintendo games to turn gritty grey and brown realistic (And if they don't, they just won't make games for those franchises at all) like pretty much every big franchise has these days.

1 Atari's problems started with the NA market crash of 83, after that several failed consoles. Sega as well had the same problem, several failed consoles and other bad business decisions.

2. So i guess you can predict the future based on what, Atari and Sega going 3rd party, even though Nintendo would be going 3rd party for a different reason entirely.

3. So you're judging the entire PS and XB fanbase because a few trolls said something bad about Nintendo, (also pot/kettle). Also you're basing sales on what, the fact that software sales are better on PS4 (not sure about Xb) than wii u.

4. I don't even... (pot/kettle pt.2)

User Info: KingDoodleDong

2 years ago#42
NightMareBunny posted...
Ultima_D_Strike posted...
oh look it's this topic again.

if you hate this so much why post in it? that's like eating food that you absolutely can't stand just to say how awful it is

(S)he's a masochist.
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User Info: Quesker

2 years ago#43
king_madden posted...
Why do people feel Nintendo would make less games? Most of their money comes from software not hardware.

It sounds pretty idiotic that people think Nintendo would COMPLETELY change the games they make if they stopped selling hardware. When wiiu was losing them a lot of money did they stop making new games?

What is a logical reason why people think Nintendo would make like 5 games a gen? They are actually given more freedom since there's no longer that need to make sure their games are safe sellers to help out declining hardware sales.

From what I hear, the majority of Nintendo's net profits actually come from hardware sales. At the very least, they make the most money (or lose the least amount if you want to be incredibly cynical) of the big three. If you cut out the hardware, then Nintendo loses a particularly notable revenue stream. That's not to say that they can't find a replacement, but it would be quite tricky. And no, Amiibos aren't big enough to fully replace them unless Nintendo developers a 3rd-party NFC device or something

Also, Nintendo, in terms of the number of people working there, is actually not as big as people might think. There are software-only AAA companies not named EA, Ubisoft, or Activision that are much MUCH bigger than Nintendo. ...but perhaps that's a poor argument depending on your pOV, so how about control? Nintendo has always been the most control-loving of the big three, and frankly the most dependent on that. Losing any amount of notable control would probably hamper their internal development, and they are not always trusting of 3rd-party collaborators. The actual results could admittedly be a lot worse (the track record is closer to hit and miss as opposed to mostly misses), but it's not quite as good as they'd like, hence the hesitation.
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User Info: ssjgohhku

2 years ago#44
Atari and Sega were once the rulers of consoles.
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  3. i actually see nintendo going third party as a very bad outcome for the fans

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