how would you rate the smash tournament?

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User Info: queirotacobell

3 years ago#1
rate the smash tournament - Results (74 votes)
36.49% (27 votes)
16.22% (12 votes)
20.27% (15 votes)
9.46% (7 votes)
2.7% (2 votes)
5.41% (4 votes)
1.35% (1 votes)
1.35% (1 votes)
1.35% (1 votes)
5.41% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
i give it a 10. A good way to hype the game. i really got into it as it kept going.
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User Info: Big_Daddv

3 years ago#2
Very epic. And Reggie said ass.


User Info: NovaLevossida

3 years ago#3
8/10. Was watching to see if it was like Brawl or not. It's not, so I'm happy. One point docked for bad tournament rules, and another point docked for Wii Fit Trainer and Zero Suit Samus players playing keepaway.
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User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#4
8/10 it was pretty entertaining. The commentators did a good job and the competitors played well ;]
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User Info: Rasputin77

3 years ago#5
I enjoyed it, but the grown men in the audience holding up character cards was just... ugh, it was a little douche-chilling.
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User Info: fuzi11

3 years ago#6
I enjoyed it, I loved the media rumble and the celebrity rumble (only for Zelda Williams, though, as I didn't even know who the others were). In those rumbles directly went into a fight and played very aggressive.

The actual tourney player played very passive. Especially Wii Fit Trainer and Zero Suit Samus. That was kinda boring. The most epic fight was the middle part of the grand finale, as zero Suit Samus was finally in the mood of attacking until she played for time at the end.

Overall the mood was amazing, the tourney players seemed like fun people. I wished HungryBox would have won. Introduction by Sakurai was great, Reggie's final words (and the vocal smackdown) were amazing. Overall I couldn't stop watching.

User Info: Radbot42

3 years ago#7
I would have rather watched them without the announcers. Although ti was nice to see everything in motion, I would have liked to see more with no items. Also the time limit clearly messed with the matches, especially the Grand-Finales.
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User Info: Psychochild27

3 years ago#8
Reggie's final words (and the vocal smackdown) were amazing.

It's an erroneous assumption that the man never swears, but seeing so many Nintendo conferences where the most risque thing he has even done was make zombie noises and ask about french fries?

I will not lie. I thought it was Filsamech.

User Info: fon1988

3 years ago#9
That was one of the best things I've ever seen at an E3 and Reggie telling the winner that he will kick his ass on Smash Bros 3DS was priceless.
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User Info: Scaredofzombies

3 years ago#10
I was really excited for the tourney and enjoyed seeing gameplay. I think the game looks great so far.

Only issues...the commentators were really annoying. I was also excited to see some Zelda gameplay, since I've used her since Melee….but the person using Zelda was awful.
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