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User Info: QlJGamer

4 years ago#1
1. Nintendo makes a Role-Playing Game that features Mario. The game story would be very heavy and complex like a Final Fantasy Game.

Establishing the connection of all the Mario characters and Mario Story Arch and Backstory.

Major Plots would include

Mario & Peach finally get married.
Mario a King and Peach is a Queen now.
Learn about about WaLuigi and Wario backstory. Where actually do they come from.
Luigi and Daisy twist.
At the end of the story Peach, would be pregnant.
Bowser Jr would take over as main antagonist.
Bowser would became an anti-hero.
Bowser Jr's Mother would debut.
Yoshi's Island Would be Destroyed
Sarasaland would be overruned by Tatanga
Game Will Include Paulina + Kongs

Somehow, They would also connect every-game Mario has been in into the Story. Including Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Can Mario Save the Nintendo Universe?

The game would simply be called Nintendo Universe, and art style of be a mix of Zelda Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D World. Thoughts?

The Sequel to the game would be Browser Jr now know as [Insert Cool Name] having a device made for him that he can enter to the worlds of Metroid and Kirby and other Universe in Nintendo.
Mario goes to each universe and saves the day... now i am sounding kingdom heart ish... This has been a test, I want Kingdom Heart 3 so bad!, Nintendo should make a Nintendo Universe Game through.
Quite Intelligent Judging

User Info: Knight_Rider_3K

4 years ago#2
So you want a Super Mario RPG 2? Ok.
Somebody help Kirby!

User Info: Opethian5

4 years ago#3
Cool idéas, a new mario rpg would be awesome
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