YR: Smash Bros lacks online play completely,

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User Info: Movie64

4 years ago#71
I would ditch it because it is dumb.

I like playing with my friends, but some of them live states away. and just because you may have friends over often to play doesn't mean everyone is like that.

No online: No Sale.

User Info: vashtricham

4 years ago#72
DorotimusWitik posted...
WaywardBiscuit posted...
Just because one person bought a dongle it doesnt help everyone else's connection . This and low population is why fighting game players will dismiss any fighting game on the wiiu. Fighting games are P2P both players need to have the optimal connection not just one. Anyone who uses wireless online for a fighting game isnt serious about that type of game. Lol cost of the system, i hope you are not serious. They didnt include it because they cpuld care less about online play if they were that worried about price they would have done alot more differently then not including a ethernet port. I cant believe people are actually defending this, if you do then you are either a ind loyalist or you do not play online games seriously.

You glossed over what I said about this earlier just by saying 'well the serious ones all use wired!'. This goes the same way with Wifi on the other platforms. You have a large crowd of less serious players playing fighting games too and they don't necessarily care enough to keep their consoles in the vicinity of their routers strictly so that they can play certain games with 30ms better pings.

Likewise the serious players of fighting games on Wii/WiiU will all make the point of getting the right equipment. It's not like it's prohibitively expensive. I know I spent a lot more on my arcade sticks than the cost of a wifi adapter.

Or they just wouldnt get the console, and some people might not know you can do this. It would be better for everyone to have the option instead of having to do research to determine that you can. Play on Live and most play with wired since that was the cheapest option. I dont see why you are defending a terrible choice by a company forcing others to have to spend money to achieve the best connection possible, This clearly shows what Nintendo thinks of online play and why people would just skip the wiiu versions of competitve online play like most have so far
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User Info: krillens

4 years ago#73
TrueBlue91 posted...
because they want to "recreate the original N64 Smash Bros experience"?
Nintendo always makes ****ty excuses, so I wouldn't even be surprised, just pissed off.

i would sell my wii u
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