Curious... Would you be fine with absolutely zero third party games if it meant

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User Info: ssjgohhku

4 years ago#11
No one cares about third party games anyway.

User Info: WaywardBiscuit

4 years ago#12
That would make me never get a nintendo system again.
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User Info: Lvthn

4 years ago#13
In theory, as a secondary console...yeah, maybe.

If we impose even a slight bit of reality, that's hundreds of IPs, many of which I can't imagine being made into anything other than shovelware. Are you really looking for Red Alarm 2, Gyromite 2, Mario's Time Machine 2, etc? Nintendo would have to expand by several orders of magnitude to produce a single AAA entry in just their more desirable 1st party franchises within a single generation.

But sure, in fantasy land that would add up to a couple dozen worthwhile games on the console, which would be worth it even in spite of the shovelware.

User Info: Linetrix

4 years ago#14
Absolutely not. the only 1st party games that I truly enjoy nowadays are Sony's (sorry Pokémon, you were fun but now you're basically rehashes). And I wouldn't buy a console with only Sony 1st party games on it. Third party games are necessary.
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User Info: dante2k5

4 years ago#15
Well, I was pretty happy with the N64 during that era so, yeah, I'll probably be fine.

Not like I won't own every other system eventually anyways :p

User Info: dj-izzle

4 years ago#16
tehponycorn posted...
Okay, honestly, then a bunch of games would be made. A BUNCH. Nintendo has somewhat over 100+ First Party IPs, so there'd be a bunch of different games using the Wii U to it's full potential.

I'm ok with this.

Actually some of them are 2nd, but I digress...

If they consistently came out with the games and don't do annual releases, I might consider going Nintendo+PC for the rest of time.. they have over 50 developers and most of them are not working at all... if they release games like Pokemon Ranger, Mystery Dungeon, Colluseum, Mario sport's and
game games they haven't used in a while, then yeah that would be awesome
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User Info: HermeticJustice

4 years ago#17
as long as we got localizations of old games

namely Mother 3
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User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

4 years ago#18
... Do I still get 3rd party games on the 3ds? I need Ace Attorney...
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User Info: Frizzurd

4 years ago#19
Better than the kind of shovelware we usually get.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#20
Kinda... i'd miss some games, but still...
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