Wii U users, Which side did you support in previous gens?

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User Info: kreegan64

4 years ago#91
4th- didn't support anything, just had fun with both SNES and Genesis

5th- Same deal except didn't get a 64, too young.

6th- At this time I noticed that the Playstation games were'nt as good as the gamecube games and some Xbox games.

7th- The PS360 had very little games that interested me, so I wanted and supported the Wii more than anything

8th- Same as the previous. No games looks interesting enough to want a ONE or PS4, even Nintendo games are starting to slip up though, but they're still fun.

I didn't really support anything until I was old enough to get a job and buy. Halo has really dropped with the other interesting titles from the original Xbox having died entirely it seems (like literally, they don't even get rumored to have sequels) Even though I grew up with the Psone with games like Tekken, Crash, Spyro, Final Fantasy, and some others all of these titles have either not become PS exclusive anymore or have dropped in quality entirely in my sight. Nintendo games have been consistently great until recently (Metroid Other M, Skyward Sword, and some others) so I bought a Wii U, and use it daily almost. (mainly for internet since it's faster than my netbook, but I play the games regularly)
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User Info: Venom3D

4 years ago#92
2nd: Intellivision
3rd: NES, Master System
4th: SNES, Genesis. Would like to have a TurboGrafx.
5th: N64, PSX
6th: Dreamcast, GameCube, PS2, Xbox
7th: Wii, 360
8th: Wii U. May buy a PS4 when the price drops. Not interested in Xbone.

User Info: wolverinerob79

4 years ago#93
3rd - NES
4th - Genesis
5th - N64
6th - Gamecube, Xbox, PS2
7th - Wii, 360, PS3
8th - Wii U so far (see nothing to get me to pull the trigger on the others)

And of course a decent gaming PC all the way through (and before NES too...who remembers Oregon Trail in green and less green?)
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