Wii U users, Which side did you support in previous gens?

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User Info: Shellshock

4 years ago#51
I was too young for the first two gens, and I wasn't even conceived when Pong was released (Born in 86, so I couldn't experience gaming in the 70's). So I started with 3rd gen.

3rd Gen: NES
4th Gen: Genesis first, then SNES. Ended up preferring SNES, but both consoles are amazing. My favorite gen of all time.
5th Gen: Saturn First, then PS1, followed by N64. Ended up preferring PS1.
6th Gen: PS2 First, then Gamecube. Never owned an XBOX. I liked both PS2 and Gamecube equally in terms of enjoyment, but PS2 has a bigger library.
7th Gen: Wii, then 360, and then PS3. If it wasn't for Wii and a couple of gems on PS3/360, this was a very underwhelming gen for me.
8th Gen: So far, Wii U and my Gaming PC. It's too early to tell as to what's going to happen. I know I have no plans on getting an XBOX One, but I MIGHT get a PS4 down the line when I see exclusives that interest me.
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User Info: CGoblins

4 years ago#52
NES, Genesis, Playstation 1, Playstation 2/Xbox, Playstation 3/Wii/PSP3000/DS, and Wii U.

I have the fondest memories of Playstation 1.
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User Info: bandit__74

4 years ago#53
1st gen: Pong
2nd gen: Atari 2600, Colecovision
3rd gen: Sega Master System
4th gen: Sega Genesis, CD and 32X
5th gen: Sega Saturn, Sony PSX, N64 (briefly for Rogue Squadron and SotE)
6th gen: Sega Dreamcast, Sony PS2, MS Xbox (briefly for KoTOR and KoTOR 2)
7th gen: Sony PS3, MS Xbox 360 (briefly), Wii
8th gen: Wii U (soon PS4)

User Info: Virtue777

4 years ago#54
All of them. Always have, always will. Because I'm not stupid and realized that every system has its strengths and weaknesses.
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User Info: PyjamaHero

4 years ago#55
I've had every system since the 16-bit era. During 8-bit I had a nes.

My choices have always been practical. For third party multi-platform with multipIayer I always get it for the system with the best online service. If multiplayer isn't a factor then I choose by game features. If features are identical then which has the best frame rate or visuals etc. All things being equal then I choose based on which controller I prefer.
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User Info: sharinagin

4 years ago#56
All of them because I like games and I'm not insane enough to limit myself to a single console just because of Brand Loyalty to a company that doesn't care about me.
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User Info: Usabell

4 years ago#57
3rd gen - Played a bit of NES at a friend's while owning a Gameboy. I liked both, but preferred the Gameboy.

4th gen - I got a SNES for christmas, it was my first home console. I really wanted the SNES after seeing display models in stores, and my sister had a Genesis a tiny bit before and they put my SNES in the Genesis box to pull a prank on me when I opened the present. I was pretty pissed at first :) Later, I swapped the SNES and Genesis with my sister every once in a while so I also got to play Sonic 2 which I really loved and was a little envious over the SNES didn't have it. Still, overall I considered the SNES the better choice and loved games on it much more.

5th Gen - I got an N64 for launch because I saw Mario 64 in a store display machine and had to get it. I was a bit disappointed in the frame rate, especially with Zelda, but until today, Mario Kart 64 is my favorite part of the series because of the track selection/design, music, and game mechanics and overall feel. I hated how they cut the rice a few weeks after. I got a PS1 waaaaay later, when the PS2 was already out. I wanted to play FF7 so badly, because I saw a TV commercial when it first came out, but didn't know a person who had a PS1. I was utterly disappointed with FF7, first thought it was a prank someone played to me I got the game from, I couldn't believe what I saw and wasn't able to play more than 10 minutes because it felt it was so unpolished and unappealing. But later, I found some really good PS1 games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Valkyrie Profile which I treasure even today. This was the moment Final Fantasy dies for me and I didn't touch any newer FF because of this disappointment after the whole hype. I guess I played it too late and was already spoiled with my GameCube or something.

6th Gen - I didn't get the GameCube on release day but later when Mario Kart and Smash hit, those were my first two games and I was BLOWN away by them! I was disappointed there has been no real Mario game on the Cube and I didn't like Mario Sunshine at all. I enjoyed Luigi's Mansion somewhat, though, and Metroid Prime was also cool. I played Unreal on my computer before and Metroid Prime felt a bit like it so it was instant love. I didn't like that some games still didn't run at 60 FPS, like Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, and a lot of third party stuff. Generally I felt like Third party went downward spiraling in terms of refinement and quality gameplay at that time. At first I didn't enjoy F-Zero but got into it years later and now think it's a very good racer. I got a PS2 when the PS3 was already out and love some titles on it like Gradius V and Mana Khemia series. Overall a great console for RPGs, maybe not as solid as the SNES/PS1 though. Still lots of jerky animation low FPS games that took a bit the fun out of them. I couldn't understand how they could release it like this if they could refine it some more. I never got into XBox because I hated Microsoft, always had Macs.

7th Gen - I never took the Wii serious and was very angry at Nintendo for redoing the Cube with some wacky (to me) stupid motion controls. I didn't want to waggle around in front of the screen, but wanted to play with a normal, wired controller like before. I later found out you can play some games like Smash and Kart with the GameCube controller and got me a second hand Wii in 2009. Mario Galaxy was a real surprise. I rented it to try out how effd up the controls would be, and it was the best game of the last ten years to me. I didn't touch the PS3 because it was not interesting for me at this point, later got it together with my Wii U for the Atelier RPG series mostly.

8th Gen - I got the Wii U the day Mario 3D World released. Awesome game, and if nothing else comes out, for this game alone it was worth getting the U. Now waiting for Smash and Kart.
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User Info: MasterPoker

4 years ago#58
Genesis (Sega Channel is the trump card)
PSX (seriously, once past the "wow" factor, PSX/N64 both sucked)
PS2 (honorable mention GC)
Wii U

Handheld, Nintendo all the way. I'll admit that the Vita is tempting, but I hate PS+ and don't wish to be tempted by it. Also, dual analog on a portable? I'd rather not.
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User Info: BiggerRidIey

4 years ago#59
Always loved Nintendo, but more recently I've had Sony as a side dish with ps3 and vita. Will get ps4 Soon enough
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?

User Info: recollectmusic

4 years ago#60
8th Gen - I have the Wii U and 3DS, and I'm considering Vita and, later, PS4.
7th Gen - I started with PS3 (it was a gift), but it sat unplayed for years. I later got a Wii and played it much more, until I started revisiting PS2/PS1 games on PS3. I also had multiple DS, and after it died, the PSP.
6th Gen - My family got my brother and I a Gamecube soon after it came out. Technically I've also owned a PS2, but that wasn't until a few years ago. I also had many GBA.
5th Gen - My family had an N64. I got a PS1 5 or 6 years ago, but ended up selling it, because I didn't need one. I've also had a GBC.

At some point we also had a NES when I was very little.

I've grown up on Nintendo and I love their games to death, but Sony has some quality games, especially third party, so I'm rather fond of them as well, despite Nintendo catering to my preferences much much more.
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