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User Info: smash66

4 years ago#1

North America
ps4 - 165,978
ps3 - 312,961
X360 - 422,484
X1 - 330,810
wiiU - 197,597

ps4 - 708,354
ps3 - 94,785
X360 - 41,822
X1 - 56,909
WiiU - 39,253

PS4 - N/A
PS3 - 13,472
X360 - 410
X1 - N/A
WiiU - 28,338

PS4 - 955,435
PS3 - 486,702
X360 - 480,696
X1 - 401,035
WiiU - 274,179

Looks like ps4 supply is still not enough and X1 is catching up to ps4 in NA.
PS4 just launch in EU, x1 is surprisingly low but still better than wiiU. Is there lack of X1 supply in Europe?
No PS4 and X1 in Japan yet and WiiU finally sold better than the ps3.

Unfortunately wiiU is till under performing globally.

User Info: NintendoGamer83

4 years ago#2
Nintendo FTW. Sonic Lost World is actually pretty good.

User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

4 years ago#3
This guy already beat you to it XD
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User Info: aiyobro

4 years ago#4
99$xboxs jeez

i would have bought one at that price had Halo not tried to go call of duty

User Info: Limpanot

4 years ago#5
Good start for the ps4. Let's just hope that the demand doesn't go to a standstill after the holidays like the wiiU.
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