Have you shown your Wii U off?

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User Info: kdognumba1

4 years ago#1
Showing the Wii U to my cousin right now. Think he likes it.
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User Info: Emerald_Melios

4 years ago#2
Is it black?

User Info: selfdeztruction

4 years ago#3

I showed my Wii off a few years ago (shiny red Mario paintjob) to my family and neighbors and I was put on some kind of list and I have to introduce myself to the neighborhood whenever I move to a new residence.

Gee, I guess nobody likes a fanboy!
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User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

4 years ago#4
Everytime Nintendo speaks the global depletion rate of salt increases ten-fold.

User Info: userfrigginame

4 years ago#5
Show off? You mean like the console itself, or you mean just by playing games on it?
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