What can Nintendo do to spice up the fans who were underwhelmed by Mario Kart 8?

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  3. What can Nintendo do to spice up the fans who were underwhelmed by Mario Kart 8?

User Info: zoogelio

4 years ago#11
??? The game isn't even out yet. And it's not even close to coming out.

User Info: Chenmaster2

4 years ago#12
Yeah I supposed.

I just miss balloon battle survival from Mario Kart DS.
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User Info: TalentedM

4 years ago#13
Chenmaster2 posted...
I'm not saying it's typical and all.

I'm just disappointed there were no new items and balloon battle survival.

You don't know that. Not having anything really confirmed at this point is isn't safe to say there isn't going to be those things in the game.

Underwhelmed by a teaser, pretty silly if you ask me.
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User Info: R_Hunter

4 years ago#14
We have no idea about the items or battle mode, dude.

Wait a while before you get worried.
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User Info: 1shadetail1

4 years ago#15
It's not actually up to Nintendo to do anything about that. If you finding it underwhelming, just play something else.
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User Info: _Candice_

4 years ago#16
Make driving mechanics like they were in Double Dash. MK7 was a step in the right direction.
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User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#17
All Mario Kart 8 needs is a good roster of Racers, Including favorites from all Mario Karts and be at leased close to Mario Kart Wii's roster. Nintendo did actually ask on Miiverse who people used in their announcement post. They already covered the normals and Toadette & Waluigi, in the tailer. So they're aware the roster in Mario Kart 7 was lackluster.

About it beyond that are a better item set but it's hard to know what that'll be. They need to keep Mushroom, Triple/Gold Mushroom, Red Shell, Triple Red Shell, Green Shell, Triple Green Shell, Star, Lightning, & Blue Shell. Beyond that it's up to them, as long as no Thunder Cloud item is there trolling you. They do need to fix the speed boost from the star, as it was broken in MK7. As for Lightning if they could drop the stop and fall to the ground physics, it would go along way to not creating item spammers intentionally waiting for pits.

As for courses they are best off making the standard 16 and bringing back the standard 16 retro courses. Then they can make the engine support retro course download content, the trick is to get it to work with the game online. Other than that I can't think of anything they'd really need to do.

Well they need to bolster the Battle modes, particularly more courses it better, even more modes. Because as it stands you can't choose mode types, it just trades off balloon and coin. But that's neither here nor there as people don't go I'm not buying Mario Kart because battle mode sucks like Mario Kart 7s.

User Info: Banjo2553

4 years ago#18
I wasn't exactly underwhelmed by Mario Kart 8, but what would really set my hype going would be to add more tracks. 10 cups instead of 8, possibly 5 tracks per cup like in Super Mario Kart and Super Circuit as well.

Edit: Also bringing back the single-player options instead of just playing Grand Prix. Let me race against bots again, let me make my own cups in a way with an extensive Vs. mode options screen. Bring back Event Mode stages. Maybe keep kart customization and making it better by letting you earn driver tokens to buy new parts.
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User Info: player_three

4 years ago#19
Mario 3D World it up with its second trailer.

User Info: Imperfect_Dark2

4 years ago#20
It looks impressive, but I won't be buying if it still uses the Mario Kart Wii/7 drift system. The gameplay itself bores the hell out of me in the modern Mario Karts, and this is coming from someone who played the crap out of Double Dash and DS particularly. I'm not saying bring back the extreme snaking from DS, but being able rack up as many drift boosts as possible in the old MKs was one of the few elements of skill that existed in the game. Nowadays the winner is pretty much determined by whoever gets luckiest on the items.

It'll be fun in splitscreen as usual, but for me single player will be boring and online frustrating. So yeah, I won't be buying unless I can get it really cheaply in a few years.

Unless of course they go back to the pre-MKWii style. In which case I will be buying it as soon as I can. Doubt it'll happen though.
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