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User Info: BeckHansen

5 years ago#1
I ll start off by saying i own every videogame console since the SMS/NES era. I bought them all either at launch or an year or two later (depending on many factors).

So this is NOT a troll topic.

Coming to the point...two days ago i was looking around my nearest electronics department and i saw a premium wii U deal , which was essentially the black wii u sold at 200€ instead of the usual (i m european) 349€.

I knew what i was getting into since i follow all the vg world and keep up to date, but since i plan on getting everything as always, eventually, i decided this was a great deal, went and bought it.

Now, i was surprised at the lenghty "setup" time, but still, you only gotta do it once so, who cares, adds character to the console, i thought.

What really brought me DOWN was that once i was finished updating the console, i started browsing the eshop (and, btw, i CAN'T link my 3ds and WIIU eshops?wow, i thought this was sorted out already) and i saw the desert. Not many demos (i didn't buy any game, only have nintendo land which was part of the black bundle) and to my surprise not even many "live arcade/psn games". Only saw the Ducktales remake/reboot (which i already own on multiple platforms) and D&D series from the capcom arcades (again, got this on 360 and ps3).

So i went back to the mall and tried looking for some games, and there it really struck me.

There was NOTHING for a guy that has and keeps consoles and games. Why buy AC when i have it on PC AND PS3? Why buy ME3 when i got it on pc and 360? And so on while my eyes looked at the shelves.

I saw New super mario bros U and..i don't know why i couldn't bring myself to get it. Same goes for Luigi. I am too afraid it is going to be the "same" sub-par Mario game ( sub par since my favourite Mario games are 3 and World, nothing beats those in gameplay,music and art style)..and i already got the "new" series on ds, 3ds and wii.

So i started looking at what was going to come out, and damn, only Super Mario 3d world got my eye, but that's going to take another good month..

So for the first time in ages (i think i felt this distaste only when i got my Jaguar at launch, in my early teens) i felt like venting about this.

I was so sad i ended up buying sm world for the Nth time to play it on the gamepad ...basically felt like i was playing smw on gba again. Not that it was bad, but did i just pay 207,99€ for THAT?

I know there's PIKMIN but i never got into pikmin or any game from the N64--> current era (i prefer "older" Nintendo IPs) apart from the odd smash bros title once every console comes out (still not coming out this year right?

Conversions of new games are scarce if non existant ( what is up with no FIFA or no F1 on WII U???especially why no GTA V??).

This fall/winter i ll try and get as many conversions i can first on wii u and then on pc instead of going 360/PS3-PC but i read sometimes they are even worse than "current" gen conversions (speaking of cod and AC titles here).

I m just curious to see how you other WII U owner keep up with this, i swear i was not THIS bugged by a system since the Jaguar probably, but that was a different era and there were so MANY different consoles that it didn't pain me as much. Wii U feels like a current gen system that doesn't get any current gen games or a good stream of next gen games. It feels like a stopgap, not even that. Its truly bad in my eyes. ( even Vita feels kinda better, at least i got p4g, senran kagura, project diva and soon Criminal Girs, Dragon's Crown)

blogfaqs maybe but i think writing on the pippin message board wouldn't have been a good idea.

Again, not a troll topic. Just a really disgrunted user who's trying to get some pointers from wii u aficionados.

User Info: Gencoil

5 years ago#2
Check out The Wonderful 101, it's one of the best Wii U games so far. As for eShop titles, I can recommend Nano Assault Neo, Mighty Switch Force and Runner2.

Oh yeah, Rayman Legends plays great on Wii U and I love the off-TV mode. It's perfect for a game like this where you can jump right into it and just play a few levels for a half hour or so. || Xbox LIVE: Nitesoul || PSN: Gencoil || NNID: Recoil

User Info: BeckHansen

5 years ago#3
Sorry message was too long and i forgot to say i downloaded the W101 demo, cute game, fun demo but it lacked the "punch" if you know that i mean:( . Is the full game less "gimmicky"? I mean, sometimes i felt the game didn't really NEED to force the gimmicks (thus use gyro and touch) so much.

I will surely buy it later, when it goes for half the price though, as i had some fun with the demo, but not enough to warrant a full price purchase.

I will look into those eshop titles later when i come back from work, thanks.

* saw your Rayman legends edit*

Again, this is what makes me "angry" with the WII U. I don't want a game to play for 30 minutes and then its better to stop because i might "break" the spell. I feel a lack of robust, all round games.

Still another game i ll buy discounted as i enjoyed all the other Rayman games (especially origins on Vita, with the "smaller" screen sometimes felt like a 90's mtv cartoon:) ).

User Info: HorrorSindicate

5 years ago#4
How come you bought a console you didn't research? Most of your complaints seem valid enough but that all could be have been addressed by looking the console up before purchasing it.

If I had higher expectations than I do I'd probably ignore the console myself but I mostly got it for Plat and Atlus games with a small smattering of Nintendo brand properties.

Also why no mention of the DKC? The last one that came out had perfect level design. Given how generic the new Mario looks I'm feeling like DKC TF is probably going to be better.
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User Info: KillbombX

5 years ago#5
Can't you just return it to the store? That seems like the best option considering you don't have much interest in what's currently available or even what's coming in the future. I don't have the console at the moment but I'm strongly considering getting the Wind Waker bundle. Wonderful 101 looks really good and I know I will want to play Bayonetta 2, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 and Tropical Freeze down the road.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

5 years ago#6
Meh, most of your complaints are just the lack of research on your part. And why would he sell the console? He got a premium for €200. By the time it does have a lot of good games, the Wii U won't be cheaper than that anyway.
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User Info: Pac12345

5 years ago#8
You do have some valid points. However, the way you put it, you seem to be one of those players who prefer more streamlined experiences. If you don't like "gimmicky" you can try using the pro controller only, which is basically a 360 controller.

If after that you still don't feel comfortable, then abandon the ship. But make sure you give me your gamepad before you sell your Wii U.

User Info: BeckHansen

5 years ago#9
Ok maybe not being a native english speaker is a big problem.

I am not mad i bought it. As i said on the post opening phrase i AM a collector, so i know that eventually i had to get WII U.

It just feels sad that after one year on the market i feel just like an early adopter! Not much changed!

3ds felt bad at launch, but 1 year later it started seeing a lot more games and now it is my favourite portable system.

Again i researched, i know my gaming. Its just one thing reading about a situation and another is living it.

Like when you buy a car or a bike that you know has potential but then you get it on the road and grip is off, gears don't scale as good as you thought and overall there's nothing REALLY wrong with it, but you know you could get much more of it and you're a little frustrated ( i collect cars and bikes too so that's the only thing i can try and make a comparison..bear with me)

User Info: ssbmrocks

5 years ago#10
HorrorSindicate posted...
How come you bought a console you didn't research? Most of your complaints seem valid enough but that all could be have been addressed by looking the console up before purchasing it.

If I had higher expectations than I do I'd probably ignore the console myself but I mostly got it for Plat and Atlus games with a small smattering of Nintendo brand properties.

Came in here to say this. It's your own damn fault for not looking at the current game library. You bought your console, then went to the store to see what games were on the shelf of that particular store, and was disappointed with what was available? You should have looked into what games are out, what games are coming out, and where games are available at.

The ports aren't the greatest, I'll give you that one, but there are some good games out now, with the really great ones on the way. Monster Hunter is fantastic (although, I admit, a more niche series). NSMBU is pretty good, the best of the NSMB series (imo). I don't know why you're so reluctant about Rayman and the Wonderful 101. Rayman costs the same on all other consoles, and a lot of reviewers and critics are claiming the Wii U version to be the best. I don't own the W101, but it's getting nothing but great things said about it around here as well.

The eShop is a bit lacking as well, I'll give you that. There is Wind Waker HD though (retail coming early October), you can't overlook that.

TLDR: You should have researched, there are SOME good games on the console at the very least, and the console isn't even a year old yet.
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