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  3. That's it. I never thought I'd do this but, it's boycott time.

User Info: Taplamp

7 years ago#1
The headline says it all. The betrayal in the article itself says it all.

EA is a terrible company to begin with, I never played many their games anyway so it's no loss to me but I'm done. I won't even buy Dead Space 3. EA's superiority complex on the industry is the most ignorant thing I've ever seen and they don't need anymore customers. They've admitted greed. They've admitted that they think we're all stupid.


EA, Count me out.
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7 years ago#2
Been boycotting since prior to wii's launch.

But I think things like Sim City, and generally treating people like crap is a better reason than how they treat Nintendo.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

7 years ago#3
The last EA game I bought was Mirror's Edge a few years ago... for €10.
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In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

User Info: Schwepps01

7 years ago#4
Your boycott means nothing if you never play their games in the first place.

User Info: TheCelticArcher

7 years ago#5
The last EA game I bought (out of morbid curiosity), Medal of Honor Warfighter, was pretty terrible, but it felt exactly like one of their best selling franchises.
It seems like everything that EA has their hands on seems to get ruined in one way or another.
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User Info: kaliskonig

7 years ago#6
I'd actually care if EA had relevant franchises that were not sports games. But like I said I no longer support them on any console other then by getting their games used. I have no respect for a company that out right shows bias and disdain for another company. attacking and Insulting the intelligence of Nintendo's fan-base doesn't help me like them either. Never liked EA much and if it wasn't for them buying out Bioware I would literally have none of there games this Gen.

I have always owned every console and not shown allegiance to any particular one but The likes of EA have forced me to take a stand in my own little way by ignoring everything they do to an even bigger degree.

They are supposed to be the biggest 3rd party yet they are spending their free time bashing and ridiculing a major name that has housed them for years. All over some BS unwarranted disagreement I bet. Lol at them thinking they actually make that good of games to begin with. Had they not bought up the sports games 2k would still be a lot of peoples preferred games.

This is just the tip of the Ice Berg. I have slowly been avoiding them on purpose for quite some time due to their crappy decisions in general.

User Info: RiaanYster

7 years ago#7

I really enjoyed Tiger Woods golf on the wii, with it's actual swinging of the wii-mote function, where opening or closing the wiimote had the same effect on your swing was great. It was the one game that some of my friends, who are golfers were actually willing to play. And it is accurate too, me, hitting a slice just as in real golf, them out driving me and hitting it straight. But anyways... i guess there won't be a next version coming out any time soon.

User Info: Nikra

7 years ago#8
Oh, and all the other game distributors not greedy? Get real and wake up. The fun thing is that in my country (EU), all new Wii U games cost exactly the same price.
If that happened in other kind of business in the EU, they would be fine with a multi billion fine for working together and screwing the costumers.

User Info: Caliaztec

7 years ago#9
kaliskonig posted...
Insulting the intelligence of Nintendo's fan-base doesn't help me like them either.

Did I miss something here?
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User Info: Caliaztec

7 years ago#10
Also I see a whole lot of EA is this, EA is that. But what if its something Nintendo did to cause this. It's no secret that Nintedo does not handle itself too well outside of Japan when it comes with developer dealings. It has little to know outstanding relations with western developers that are not owned by them (Retro and at one time Rare).

That lack of dialogue could really be hurting them, especially when you hear about what great communication can accomplish like how Sony is rumored to be building the PS4 around most Ubisoft, but also other large publishers and developers advice and recommendations. To me this speaks volumes with what a company is trying to get out of their market.

And as time goes by I feel that Nintendo who at one time believed they cornered the market or at least has a large understanding on the market is now kinda left like ummmm guys are these pogs (Wii) cool anymore and the cool kids are there with their razor scooters (next gen consoles) like um no....

Which is a real shame. But people should not be looking solely at EA. it's Nintendo's job to see idea to publishers and developers that its worth their investment of millions to make games now a days and right now with the WiiU the return more then likely is not there. Especially when some AAA games need to sell more copies then there are owned WiiUs in the world.

How does a AAA game guarentee 4 million copies sold when there's just a little over 5.2million sold. Nothing has an attach rate like that and never will. It makes sense, it's a sobering truth but its the business of games right now. And acting butthurt and boycotting there games on other systems is just going to make developing for the lower installed WiiU even more difficult to justify.
I'm not a fanboy, I am a Gameboy. My Collection- http://postimg.org/image/9g03dkvi1/
PSN: Caliaztec 3DS Friend Code:1134-7395-5895 NNID: Caliaztec.
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  3. That's it. I never thought I'd do this but, it's boycott time.
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