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User Info: ZitroLeoj

4 years ago#111
Would this external Hard Drive work for my WiiU? I'd also be buying a Y cable. Thanks!
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User Info: Jesushazluv

4 years ago#112
What are the most popular hard drives to use for the WiiU?
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User Info: Loudawg

4 years ago#113
I bought a USB 2.0 enclosure with a Y cable and put in an old 40GB IDE laptop hard drive. At first it worked fine until I tried to transfer games from my 32GB USB flash drive to it. About half way through the transfers I got an error message and had to hard boot my Wii U. It happens every time I try to transfer, but I could download and play a game (Donkey Kong for the VC).

I'm not sure if I'm going to try a different IDE hard drive, or get a SATA enclosure and newer SATA hard drive. I'd like to get away from hard drives with their own AC adapter.
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User Info: Gamer546

4 years ago#114
Flash drives are not recommended, the sticky should be updated.
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User Info: Focian

4 years ago#115
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User Info: Gaming Freak

Gaming Freak
4 years ago#116
what's the best valued/ perfomance external HD for the wii u?

bought Darksiders 2 on sale and realized i had to delete like all my demos and stuff to make room for it.. and since i randomly buy VC games and such i'm gonna need more storage room

i got a toshiba canvio 3.0 500g portable external hard drive.

is that a good one?

did a quick google serach and it's one of the recommended ones; but for about 10 bucks more i get one double the size so that's probably what i'll go for.
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User Info: aeShinji

4 years ago#117
I won't go all digital with my 8gb wii u, but i need a bit more storage for a few games (darksiders) and some dlc.

Since i don't need a hdd for that many games, anyone know if some of this flash drives would work just fine? I just wanna plug it and forget is there

Any recommendation or information about this is welcome.

will this HDD work with it ?
Any recommendations on hdd's in the UK? I I've had 2 die on me and just want one with good life expectancy, and not looking to spend more than £40, preferably one powered by ac.
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User Info: Rakansen

4 years ago#120
Will this work on the Wii U?
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