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User Info: TCaC04

6 years ago#1
A. Introduction
B. Basics
C. How to
D. Games Sizes
E. References


Hello fellow Wii U users! I hope everyone is enjoying their Wii U so far. I'm TCac04 and I want to take the time to thank you for reading this FAQ. I decided to create this V2.0 FAQ because I notice how many users on GameFAQS ask questions concerning storage expansion regarding External HDDs and so on. So here we go!


What external hard drives are compatible with my Wii U console?

According to Nintendo, the follow drives have been confirmed by them to be compatible;

1 TB: HD-LB1.0TU3-US
2 TB: HD-LB2.0TU3-US

Backup Plus Desktop Drive
1TB : STCA1000100 (US)
2TB : STCA2000100 (US)

Expansion Desktop
1TB : STBV1000100 (US)
2TB : STBV2000100 (US)

1 TB: HDWC110XK3J1
2 TB: HDWC120XK3J1

Western Digital (WD)
My Book™

These are not the only ones that are confirmed to be compatible. There are many more that are but as you can see, these are the ones that Nintendo themselves have confirmed.

What is this "Deluxe Digital Promotion"?

The Deluxe Digital Promotion allows customers who purchased the Deluxe Set be enrolled in a promotion that let's Wii U owners receive points for each digital download and redeem those points for future downloadable content from Nintendo's eShop. It begins for those who purchase a Deluxe Wii U until 2014.

I highly recommend that Deluxe users attach a HDD to take advantage of this Promotion so that you won’t have an issue with space. (Keep in mind that everything you buy off the eShop is eligible for points, DLC, etc)

Do the Activation codes expire for the Deluxe Digital Promotion?

Codes for Nintendo eShop credit must be redeemed by the end of June 2015. After the expiration date, please note that codes will have no value and will be deleted.
Once an activation code is redeemed and credit is added to your balance at the Nintendo eShop, there is no deadline to use your increased balance.

Is the Wii U backwards compatible?

The Wii U is backwards compatible with the original Wii. The Wii U can also support Wii peripherals, including the Wii Remote Plus, the Nunchuk, and the Balance Board. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the Nintendo GameCube and it’s accessories.

The saves are saved to the Wii U internal memory save, not the external. You can also use a SD card for more storage if you want to, just like with Wii.

How easy it to set up an External HDD with my Wii U?

It is very easy to set up. Just follow the steps and you will be all set.

What is the maximum capacity of a HDD that can be used?

At first, it was confirmed to be up to two terabytes (2TB) but after the last system update, it was allowed up to 3TB to be used.

C. How to set up my External HDD?

1. Before you connect your external Hard Drive make sure you have power going to your Hard Drive and your console is turned off if it is not turned off you will receive an error message telling you that before you plug in or remove a Hard Drive that your console should be turned off.
2. Take your USB storage device and link it to any of the 2 USB ports in the front or back of your Wii U console.
3. When plugged in a message should pop-up that prompts you to format the Hard Drive. Warning when the Wii U formats the Hard Drive it deletes all of your partitions and leaves you with one Wii U partition. Continue the operation to format it. (In my experience depending on the size it will take longer)
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User Info: TCaC04

6 years ago#2
4. In Wii U Menu, press "System Settings."
a. Use the left analog to roll over to "Data Management" and click the "A" Button.
5. Didn't receive the instructions to format on start-up? Then you will have to you tap “Delete All Data on USB Storage Device” and do the commands.
• Data can't be recovered.
• Want to organize your data after done formatting? Tap “Move/Delete Data” then.
• Then tap “USB Storage.”
• This will show all data actively on your USB Hard Drive.
6. After you have formatted your Hard Drive for Wii U, you should not try to format or partition the drive for anything else. (NTFS/Fat32) If you do the Wii U console will prompt you to format you Hard Drive again.

Can I partition a drive to be used on Wii U and my PC or other devices?

You can partition your external drive to use with the Wii U. But, it will work on the Wii U console because of the way it formats it. You are better off using a dedicated drive just for the Console.

D. Games Sizes

Ok, here we go, the most important part of the FAQ, the sizes! We all know that the Wii U eShop has some games available for purchase and download. There are the following categories; Retail Games, eShop games, Apps, DLC and Demos. I have tried my hardest to provide everything that has be available on the eShop so far.

eShop demos:
The Cave – 950 MB
EA Sports FIFA 13 – 1.17 GB (1207 MB)
Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 – 890 MB
Rayman Legends – 575 MB
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – 1.14 GB (1172 MB)
Trine 2: Director’s Cut – 582 MB
ZombiU – 1.6 GB (1648 MB)

eShop downloads:
BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm – 876 MB
Chasing Aurora – 103 MB
Little Inferno – 114 MB
Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition – 525 MB
Nano Assault Neo – 81 MB
Puddle – 591 MB
Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien – 875 MB
The Cave – 1.28 GB (1320 MB)
Toki Tori 2 – 536 MB
Trine 2: Director’s Cut – 1.89 GB (1941 MB)
Zen Pinball 2 – 354 MB

Retail downloads via eShop:
Assassins Creed III – 17 GB (17408 MB)
Batman: Arkham City Armored – 19 GB (19456 MB)
Ben 10 Omniverse – 2.81 GB (2884 MB)
Darksiders II – 9.34 GB (9574 MB)
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two – 7.34 GB (7522 MB)
EA Sports FIFA Soccer 13 – 7.31 GB (7490 MB)
ESPN Sports Connection – 1.60 GB (1645 MB)
Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade – 664 MB
Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Revenge 2 – 12 GB (12288 MB)
Game Party Champions – 1.67 GB (1719 MB)
Injustice: Gods Among Us – 4/16/13
Just Dance 4 – 15 GB (15360 MB)
LEGO City Underground –19 GB (19456 MB)
Madden NFL 13 – 4.72 GB (4840 MB)
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth – 3.27 GB (3357 MB)
NBA 2K13 – 20 GB (20480 MB)
Need For Speed: Most Wanted U – 6.10 GB (6246 MB)
New Super Mario Bros. U – 1.69 GB (1733 MB)
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge – 5.31 GB (5443 MB)
Nintendoland – 2.78 GB (2852 MB)
Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 – 6.07 GB (6215 MB)
Rabbids Land – 7.20 GB (7383 MB)
Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game – 3.26 GB (3342 MB)
Scribblenauts Unlimited – 1.34 GB (1378 MB)
Sing Party – 12 GB (12288 MB)
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – 5.75 GB (5898 MB)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – 16 GB (16384 MB)
The Croods: Prehistoric Party! –
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper – 16 GB (16384 MB)
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 – 1.86 GB (1913 MB)
ZombiU – 5.60 GB (5737 MB)

Wii U Virtual Console:
Balloon Fight – 35 MB
F-Zero – 32 MB
Punchout! Featuring Mr. Dream – 35 MB

Wii U DLC:
Assassin’s Creed III (5)
Battle Hardened Pack – 442 MB
Hidden Secrets Pack – 4.5 MB (4608 KB)
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NNID: AZ_Commando_4

User Info: TCaC04

6 years ago#3
Language Pack (Brazilian Portuguese) – 454 MB
The Infamy – 1.5 GB (1590 MB)
The Betrayal – 1.8 GB (1849 MB)

Just Dance 4 (15)
Funhouse – 121 MB
Gangnam Style – 120 MB
Part of Me – 124 MB
So Glamorous – 102 MB
Dagomba – 125 MB
Hit The Lights – 110 MB
Heavy Cross – 135 MB
One Thing – 117 MB
Oath – 119 MB
You Make Me Feel…(Feat Sabi) – 120 MB
Boom – 77 MB
We R Who We R – 116 MB
Professor Pumplestickle – 95 MB
Gold Dust – 107 MB
The Lazy Song – 111 MB

Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Revenge 2 (36)
Amiba – Playable Character – 8896 KB
Nameless Shura – Playable Character – 9280 KB
Han – Palyable Character – 9728 KB
Playable Characters Full Set – 28 MB
New Mission 6 – 256 KB
New Mission 7 – 192 KB
New Mission 8 – 192 KB
New Mission 9 – 192 KB
New Mission 10 – 256 KB
New Mission Pack 2 – 1088 KB
Bat – Original Costume – 7808 KB
Rin ¬– Original Costume ¬– 7936 KB
Ein – Original Costume – 5824 KB
Falco – Original Costume – 13 MB
Shachi – Original Costume – 21 MB
Hyou – Original Costume – 25 MB
Kaioh – Original Costume – 22 MB
Celestial Emperor Costume Set – 34 MB
Land of Shura Costume Set – 66 MB
Additional Scroll 2 – 64 KB
New Mission 1 – 192 KB
New Mission 2 – 192 KB
New Mission 3 – 192 KB
New Mission 4 – 192 KB
New Mission 5 – 192 KB
New Mission Pack 1 – 960 KB
Kenshiro – Land of Shura ‘Red’ Costume – 35 MB
Juda Original Costume – 5.6 MB (5760 KB)
Shew Original Costume – 12 MB
Ryoga Original Costume – 5.5 MB (5632 KB)
Fuda Original Costume – 5.43 MB (5568 KB)
Juza – Original Costume – 16 MB
Raoh’s Legend Costume Set – 44 MB
Additional Scroll 1 – 64 KB
Exclusive Original Costume Pack – 182 MB
Kenshiro – Land of Shura Costume – 35 MB

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth (9)
Character Roster Pass – 1.06 MB (1088 KB)
All Costume Pass – 1.06 MB (1088 KB)
Avengers and X-Men Costume Pack – 1.06 MB (1088 KB)
Avengers Costume Pack – 1.06 MB (1088 KB)
Captain America Costume Pack – 1.06 MB (1088 KB)
Heroes Unlock Pass – 1.06 MB (1088 KB)
Villains Unlock Pass – 1.06 MB (1088 KB)
X-Men Costume Pack – 1.06 MB (1088 KB)

BGM PACK 1 – 30 MB

Zen Pinball 2 (27)
Marvel Pinball: Avengers Pack (Unlock) – 64 KB
Marvel Pinball: Original Pack (Trail) – 231 MB
Marvel Pinball: Original Pack (Unlock) – 64KB
Marvel Pinball: Vengeance & Virtue Pack (Trial) – 300 MB
Marvel Pinball: Vengeance & Virtue Pack (Unlock) – 64 KB
Fantastic Four Table (Trial) – 60 MB
Fantastic Four Table (Unlock) – 64 KB
Captain America Table (Trail) – 70 MB
Captain America Table (Unlock) – 64 KB
Civil War Table (Trail) – 71 MB
Civil War Table (Unlock) – 64 KB
Plants vs. Zombies Table (Trail) – 64 MB
Plants vs. Zombies Table (Unlock) – 64 KB
Zen Classics Pack (Trial) – 120 MB
Zen Classics Pack (Unlock) – 64 KB
Excalibur Table (Trial) – 56 MB
Excalibur Table (Unlock) – 64 KB
Earth Defense Table (Trail) – 42 MB
Earth Defense Table (Unlock) – 64 KB
Sorcerer’s Lair Table (Trail) – 56 MB
Sorcerer’s Lair Table (Unlock) – 64 KB
Paranormal Table (Trail) – 56 MB
Paranormal Table (Unlock) – 64 KB
Mars Table (Trail) – 72 MB
Mars Table (Unlock) – 64 KB
Epic Quest Table (Trail) – 79 MB
Epic Quest Table (Unlock) – 64 KB

Wii U Apps
Amazon Instant Video – 23 MB
Hulu Plus – 25 MB
Netflix – 17 MB
Uplay – 12 MB
Wii Street U – 58 MB
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NNID: AZ_Commando_4
(message deleted)

User Info: TCaC04

6 years ago#5
eShop Demo total: 6.85 GB (7024 MB)
eShop total: 5.5 GB (5643 MB)
Wii U VC: 102 MB
Wii U DLC: 8.71 GB (8932 MB)
Wii U Apps: 135 MB
Retail downloads: 235.79 GB (241453 MB)
Grand Total: 257.11 GB (263289 MB)


Overall, The Wii U has been a great video game console in my opinion and will be a great console for this generation. I hope this guide has helped those that where stuck or had any questions regarding the Wii U Console and memory expansion. Once again, if you feel I missed anything or your question wasn't answered, feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you. My Network ID is in my sig and if you want to ask me anything regarding sizes, feel free to ask away.

I have and will be keeping the above Wii U game list size up to date. I currently have a document saved and I update it every time a new demo, DLC or game is added to the eShop. So again, feel free to ask me if you want to know the size of game.

PSN: AZ_Killstreak_4
NNID: AZ_Commando_4

User Info: FireFlower16

6 years ago#6
Great to see you FAQ back. And a better title to it too! Thanks for the helpful topic, I appreciate the hard work you put in.

User Info: FireFlower16

6 years ago#7
Schwepps01 posted...

Dude read the topic title, this is a FAQ for storage expansion.

User Info: TCaC04

6 years ago#8
FireFlower16 posted...
Great to see you FAQ back. And a better title to it too! Thanks for the helpful topic, I appreciate the hard work you put in.

Thank you. I was supposed to do this a month or 2 back but decided to close the topic, work a little more on a newer one and then post it.
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User Info: TCaC04

6 years ago#9
Injustice: Gods Among Us comes out tomorrow. I will add the size onto the list when it becomes available.
PSN: AZ_Killstreak_4
NNID: AZ_Commando_4

User Info: FireFlower16

6 years ago#10
Btw, sticky requested. Great FAQ, especially the game sizes. I had no idea there was so much DLC for Fist of the North Star!
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